Sunday, 21 February 2016

Vendula Spring/Summer 2016

Last year, Vendula sent me a bag and to this day it's a bag that friends, family and co-workers still ask me about on the rare weeks that I don't wear it at least once. I'd seen a lot of their offerings when we head to The Clothes Show in December and debated buying another shop front bag (I had my eye on The Lingerie Shop) but simply put, I couldn't afford it - so, when Vendula offered to send me another bag from their Spring/Summer collection for this year, I jumped at the chance and picked Chocolatier's Shop in the grab bag format (they also have Ladies Day, Tea Party, Recipe and Sushi Shop designs new in for this season.)

This is a fair bit more expensive than my Cottage Box Bag which was around £65, but this grab bag style will set you back around £87.50. It's worth noting the quality of this bag though - it has a lot of moveable parts - flowers, ribbons, the shop sign and yet every bit seems strongly attached and not at all at risk of falling off. Similarly, the shiny vinyl feel of the bag makes it unlikely to mark which works very well in my favour as I'm a pretty clumsy person, all in all. This also has it's closure on the top of the bag instead of at the front, and instead of a twist lock with a flap that folds over, this has a twist lock with a doctor's bag opening and closing.

I do have a niggle about this bag, and that's that although it has a shoulder strap the shoulder strap attaches to the same loops as the hand strap; this isn't the end of the world but it just makes it look a little strange and makes it harder than you'd imagine to get into sometimes. Similarly, when I looked at this bag on the website it didn't have the "life is like a cup of cake!" writing on the back - so it's worth noting if these things are going to annoy you then just give it a good think before you shell out the money.

Inside the bag this has two open small pockets and one bigger zip compartment pocket - the lining is the classic Vendula London skyline fabric and the whole bag is really a statement piece. All in all I don't think I'll get as much wear out of this as I did and continue to get out of my cottage bag, but I love both completely and there's a lot to be said about Vendula's pieces.

What do you think of Vendula's bags?

Sammy xo.
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