Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Winter Hair Care Tips

I've been working really hard at keeping my hair in good shape, especially as I have a lot of it and I've always taken it for granted - but the fact is, I usually eat crap, throw it up wet in a pony tail and tug through it with a brush and then wonder why it rebels against me (seriously, it's like a naughty kid, sullen and misbehaved.) So, now that I've started looking after it a little more, I jumped at the chance to share some new found wisdom when allcures asked me if I'd like to talk about some Hair Care Tips with you lovely lot (and the rest of you.)

how to keep hair healthy in winter

1: Brush It Every Night
This is something that I'm honestly terrible at - especially if I haven't been out or if I've had my hair tied up but even in a ponytail if I leave it more than a few hours it ends up a huge, tangly, matted mess. I find that brushing it at least once every night means that it keeps at least some of the knots and dreadlocks at bay (and forgetting the odd night isn't as bad as neglecting it every day).

2: Use As Few Products As Possible
I find that too many products just block each other and cancel each other out - find an oil with a heat protectant, or a detangling spray with a heat protectant. Find as many all-in-one products as you can and keep it simple, if you wouldn't pile products on your skin, don't pile products on your hair.

3: Wash It Less
I used to wash my hair every day, but I'm slowly dragging it out because optimumly, I'd like to only be washing it every three days. Wash it as few times as possible - drag it out to ensure you're not washing all the important oils from your hair; plus, it works in your benefit because if you can get it back into a hair routine, it'll get greasy less often and you'll save on cans of Batiste.

So there are my simple tips, but allcures have a whole host of tips that you can see above and also here. What are your best hair care tips?

Sammy xo.
This post is written in collaboration with allcures.com however all words and views are my own, please check my disclaimer for more information.

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