Thursday, 18 February 2016

Working With Washi Tape

Honestly - until I got sent some MT Washi Tape, I just never really got it. It's pretty, sure, and you can use it to seal envelopes and decorate pencils and stuff but - what's the point? I think maybe the issue is that I saw it as glorified masking tape with naff designs but MT has such pretty tape that I was determined that I wouldn't waste it, so I googled what I could do with washi tape and, although I wasn't 100% on board with the craft side of things, mostly because I have no hand eye coordination and I'm honestly just not great at things like that - I did find a use that I could get on board with; decoration.

I have an all white room at home and a student house when I'm staying with Katy - both are a little impersonal at the both of times; clinical but also pretty hard to decorate as I don't want to mark my pretty white surfaces and we can't leave any permanent marks in Katy's room. As I mentioned a minute ago though, it came to my attention that Washi tape is just glorified masking tape and so it easily removes off most surfaces - so, I took a roll to Katy's desk and gave it a good old college try. I tried first with the transparent-ish spotty tape on Katy's desk and there's no photographs of this because it's not my best work - it looks cute but you can see the overlaps a lot more easily as the tape isn't completely opaque. I left it up whilst I practised on other surfaces, I'm going to try it again this week so I'll pop a picture update on Twitter if it works.

So, when I came home I remembered to bare this is mind and so I opted for a much more opaque offering - I also worked along a smaller length and tucked the excess underneath. It looked a little messy still - mainly due to the aforementioned poor hand eye coordination - but it looks super cute and I'm a lot more proud of it than Katy's desk - mostly because you can't see the overlap as glaringly obviously as you could the first time that I tried. I have to say though, I found these stick and stay really well, but they are pretty easy to remove with only a minimal amount of residue left - I've obviously never used masking tape to decorate with for any length of time, but this does seem to have a similar adhesive method and you can rip it in the same way without using scissors.

Most of my rolls are the 15mm rolls and I think this is a really great size - it seems to be the perfect size for the edging of most of my furniture and I haven't ran out of any of the rolls yet and I've done a fair few trails with them. Having said that, one of my rolls is the wider size and I have struggled to find any use for this one - it's just an odd size and I can't really find anything that it's suitable for - I keep trying but it's just that little bit too tall or too small to really make it work.

These start at about £2.50 on Amazon and they have a ton of prints - I do think that they're worth the money, but don't expect miracles. They are great if you have a room you want to personalise and decorate without leaving any permanent mark, though and I'll definitely be taking them to use in the flat next year.

What have you used Washi Tape for?

Sammy xo.
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