Sunday, 20 March 2016

Being a #periodpioneer with TOTM (and talking about my tampon fear)

Okay, I have a confession; I'm not scared of my period, I'm not scared of blood or cramps or even taking my girlfriend's menstrual cup out (more on that story here), but there's something I am literally terrified of and always have been - tampons. I know, it's weird - like I'm well aware that they're not gross or particularly scary like, for god's sake, Sam, they're just cotton - but I read the instructions before I ever put one near my vagina and I've been terrified of tampons and all of their associated health risks since. I'm a huge advocate for the menstrual cup but, when TOTM offered me the chance to become a #periodpioneer and try out their organic sanitary products, I decided that now was as good a time as any to revert back to old school period solutions (methods? I'm not sure of the right choice of word, here).

TOTM sent me an entire kit out - a set of non-applicator regular tampons, a set of applicator regular tampons and a packet of night sanitary towels. These are all made from organic cotton as well as being free from pretty much everything bad you can think of, including but not limited to; pesticides, chlorine, and chemical fertilisers. I thought maybe, just maybe, knowing that these were filled with better things and wouldn't leave behind fibres (and even if they did there was nothing harmful) just might be the thing to cure my obsessive fear of tampons. Katy tried to nudge me gently towards using them,
"You can't go wrong with them, they're so much easier than a menstrual cup to use" I'm not convinced pal.
"You can wear them overnight as long as you remember to wake up and take it out." Well, that sounds terrifying, I'm known for sleeping in.
"You'll know to take it out because it won't hurt." Well, what if I take it out too early and it does hurt?

Basically, lads, I was bricking it.

I ventured gently towards the night pads and honestly, they were good. They further instigated faith in the company - they were soft and comfortable, and everything that Always keeps claiming to be but not quite making the mark on. They absorbed well and didn't have a wet feeling - hell, they even look adorable and have less rustley wrappers; the pads, it's safe to say, did everything right and; most importantly? Not one single drop leaked. Was it enough to get me to try the tampons though?

Well in short, no. I'm working up to it, and I'm determined to use them and report back because TOTM has definitely helped to restore my faith that tampons don't have to be this foreign, or dangerous. I haven't got there yet, but being a #periodpioneer is definitely helping me work up to it. Please, please use the hashtag to help me confirm I'm not the only person literally terrified of tampons? Also, thanks to TOTM for the coolest bag ever; I'll wear it with pride.

Sammy xo.
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