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February Degustabox

For the last few months, I've been in and out of different houses and as such I seem to constantly miss my Degustabox being delivered and so, by the time that I get to explore what's inside, I've missed the period in which it's acceptable to post the box and it's contents and so it's gone - however, I've finally managed to swap addresses and get it down and I actually got this one the day that it arrived and so I've been able to write about February'x box (which is good, because I actually really like writing about these, and it goes without saying that I love food.) If you don't know what Degustabox is, it's essentially a huge hamper of foods that arrive at your door for you to discover; what's not to love about that?

alcholic drink alternatives

This month we had a lot more drinks than usual - but I'm all for that because I don't drink alcohol and so I'm always game for a good alternative. Let's start with my firm favourite - Vithit. I used to be legitimately obsessed with Vitamin Water and this is almost a better version - I got the Revive Citrus Type and it's just clean tasting and refreshing and, as the website suggests, perfect for a morning pick me up. Katy does think it smells like damp though and so, there's that. Also in the box was Nari Palm Juice - this is the Lemon and Ginger flavour, but I believe that they do apple and mint as well; I'm basically too scared of this to try it but if I get around to it, I'll post about it on twitter or instagram. The last drinks offering came from good old j2o and these are the new spritz versions; I got one in apple and watermelon and one in pear and raspberry - I've promised this to Katy and so I'll get her to report back when she's given them a go.

healthy food choices breakfast foods

Next up were the more healthy of the options that came in the box; starting up with the Beloved bars - one in date and berry and one in date and seed. I really, really don't like dates and so I'll be passing these along to my brother but he did try some last month and loved them and so I can highly recommend them as a company. Next up is Sarson's malt vinegar and, although most of you might just chuck this in a cupboard, I find this really helpful as Katy doesn't eat vinegar and so never has any in but now I have my own source. Also in the health food side of the box are gold and grain's cereal from Nutribix - I expected breakfast biscuits but this is essentially straight up cereal; not unpleasant but a bit like weetabix with oats included in them.

degusta treats chocolate and crisps

Next up is the junk food. Okay, not really - but definitely the treat food from the box. The London Crisp Co. might have honestly stole my heart with these Sweet Chilli crisps - I'm a huge fan of crisps anyway but these are handcooked and taste amazing; plus, they're all influenced by areas of London and I love that idea. I was so excited about the Divine Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar that I ate it the minute that I took this photograph; this is the exact dark chocolate that I like, bitter enough that you won't mistake it for milk chocolate but not so bitter that the caramel can't take off the edge - this is amazing, I wrote about it on twitter, I love chocolate. Last up were also promised to Katy, The Ritz sea salt and black pepper crisp and thin crisps. These were amazing - salty enough to feel satisfying but definitely not so much that it'll be overwhelmed by the pepper. We ate these in one sitting and it was so, so worth it.

degusta treat foods

Last up were the last bits of treats in the box. Jelly is one of my go to foods and so these Hartley's jellys were well recieved - the cranberry and raspberry 10cal ones will be making their way into my breakfast offerings; I'm not so sure about the fruit in Jelly but Katy likes peaches and so I think I might be able to lure her into giving them a go. Surprisingly the winner of the box for me was probably these cranberry, orange and oat slices from Mr Kipling - are they erring on the side of being healthy? Yes. Are they still yummy? Yes, and very moreish. I would recommend.

Sorry to get through them quickly but there's so much food in each box that I feel like this is the only way to get them done. If you want to order your own Degustabox, make sure that you use the code BLDEG15 to get £6 off (not an affiliate code, just a really good deal with regards to getting yourself some food.)

Sammy xo.
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