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Furless Brushes

I only tend to use duo-fibre brushes and so when Furless offered to send me some synthetic brushes to try out, I was eager to see whether or not they'd take a new reigning place in my ever-expanding brush collection. Furless brushes are both cruelty free and vegan friendly and I was very quick to get playing with their Couture Face Essentials when it came through my door. The kit contains four brushes to create the perfect flawless face via make up application, and some of the brushes have definitely taken over some of my previous favourites.

vegan brush brands

To start with, it's important to note that these brushes are expensive - like, considerably more expensive that I'd tend to pay. This set of four brushes comes in at just under $90 which is fairly expensive comparative to previous favourites like Nanshy, Real Techniques and Zoeva. Although none of my top brush brands are particularly budget friendly anymore (we won't be forgetting your hike in prices, RT) these are edging ever closer to being high end. For the price that these cost, I'd expect a little more - the brushes are gorgeous and very soft but they only come in a cardboard box - there's definitely some room for improvement on the packaging front; I would be willing to pay a little higher for a cruelty free and vegan brush brand though. Also worth noting; when we first starting using these they did shed a fair bit, however that does seem to have died down now I've been using them for a bit longer.

furless couture brush essentials

The brushes themselves are sturdy and attractive - the black shiny handles are easy to wipe clean if you need to, and the Furless logo and the brush numbers really stand out, which looks really pretty but a lot less in your face than my Zoeva and Real Techniques offerings. I do wish that these had the actually brush names on as, although the brush names are on the back of the box, it's hard to match the brushes to the corresponding name to work out the use. Although we have managed to match them up now if you were new to make up brushes it would be much harder to try and work out what was for what. It was at least be nice to have the corresponding brush numbers on the box.

what furless brushes look like

Out of all of the brushes, CB1 is probably my least favourite. This is, I assume, the Couture Blending Concealer Brush - first up, I'd never use a brush for concealer, but I did give this a fair go. It's just not dense enough to be effective for concealer, but it's also too big to be used for eyeshadow. This was one of the brushes that shed the least hairs when I first started using it and, although it doesn't really do anything for me, I would imagine that this would be a fine brush if you wanted a soft concealer brush.

Furless Concealer Brush

CB2 is what I assume to be the Couture Base Buffing Brush and this is the closest in design to the brushes that I tend to use for foundation. This is dense but flexible and very soft - it shed a little within the first few uses but it definitely seems to have settled down now. This is soft and blends well, but the bristles being so soft seem to stop it holding product in the same way that my Zoeva and Nanshy buffing brushes do. I like this one, but it's no better than other similar offerings that I have and so I'm not sure I could justify the price.

vegan contour brush

Now, this CB3 (Couture Foundation Defining Brush) is something in a completely different league to the two brushes that I've talked about up until now. At first glance, this looks much to thick and wide to be used as a contour brush but this is deceptively perfect. I use a powder contour and I find that this perfectly blends it out without making it look hard, or excessive, or muddy. I actually would pay a lot more for this brush than I would for the previous two. Out of all of the brushes - this one remains the star of the show in my humble opinion.

furless buffing brush

CB4, or the Couture Base Foundation Brush is another star of the kit. There's something about this brush that makes me like it so much more than the CB2 - it's wide, round and very soft without being dense and it settles down my foundation without me having to harshly buff it in and without it getting any streaks in my foundation. I feel like alternatively you could use CB2 for your foundation application and then CB4 to set your foundation and concealer, but I do think that this works amazingly as a base brush and I would pay out for this brush, too. I think the closest brush to this that you can buy separately is the Large Domed Blending Brush which is $29.99. 

furless foundation brush

Save the Couture Base Foundation Brush (CB4) you can buy these separately for $24.99 each or the whole set for $89.99 (although they do come from Australia and so that's worth noting). However, we have Furless on board for #NWmeet 2.0 and so we'll have one of these to give away in the raffle on the day, so make sure you tweet us if you want to be in with a chance of winning!

What are your favourite make up brushes?

Sammy xo.
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