Friday, 4 March 2016

March Currently Testing #1

Blogging goes in bizarre circles, doesn't it? Sometimes there's nothing new or exciting to be tested and written about and then suddenly you're inundated with cool things that you're itching to talk about as soon as humanly possible. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the sheer amount of new beauty and skincare products I've managed to gather within the last few weeks, but it does mean that I've had to really pick and choose what I'm going to try first and talk about on here. So, I decided to tell you what bits I'm currently testing out.

For a while now on and off I've been trying out the Ministry Of Whitening 2 Step Daily Teeth Whitening Foam. Mine is in the old packaging because I've had it unopened for a few months before I actually got around to trying it - but this is, in essence, two bottles of foam; one is an anti-stain foam and one is a whitening foam and so together they work to just generally make your teeth look whiter and better - I can't really tell the difference in my own teeth but Katy said they're already looking pretty good. I'm trying my best to use this almost every day and so once they're up I'll get a review up to decide whether they're worth the money. So far though, so good.

This month I've got a fair amount of samples of SPF products from Heliocare through Face The Future - admittedly, I haven't had much call to test factor fifty out in this English weather, but I have been trying out the make up products and so far so good. I'll be testing these out for photography and what not in the coming weeks to let you know how they'll handle Summer weddings and how they'll feel under make-up and so keep an eye out to see what I'd recommend.

Every day skincare wise I've been trying out a new Cleansing Oil by Rossi and also a new toner from Ark. The cleansing oil has been going really well - it's great at melting down eye make up and it doesn't irritate my eyes, but it does leave some sort of film as it's an oil and water doesn't wash it all away; I'm not against it though and I am still working on/with it. As for the toner; I don't really know what makes a good one but this one isn't offensive and it smells nice and sort of lavendery. I'll update you when I have a little more on these two.

A new interesting addition that I've been trying out is the 1001 Remedies Purair Air Purifying Spray and I never knew that I needed something in my life like this until it arrived. Our room in chester seemingly always seems hot and stuffy and this just helps me to feel like the air is a bit cleaner and more pleasant. When you first spray this it seems heavily scented and perfume-like but when it settles it definitely helps feel like the air is a little less toxic in this student house. I'll probably have a review on this in the future as I'm full on in love with it.

What are you testing out at the minute?

Sammy xo.
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