Monday, 7 March 2016

Martian Notifier Smartwatch

I'm what's known as a spontaneous buyer - I'm the worst for waking up in the morning, checking my email and immediately finding something that I don't need but now really, really want (similarly, I'm great at convincing myself that I do actually need this product, for one reason or another). The Martian Notifier Smartwatch was one of these products - it was down to £28.99 on Iwoot and I'd just gotten one of my first University offers and so I decided the only way forward was to treat myself. I'd actually been looking for a smart watch for a while - mainly to ease my anxiety during the night when I didn't have my phone on my immediate presence, and this seemed as good a one as any to begin with.

martian smartwatch face

Now to be honest, I had a real drama with this - Iwoot display their delivery as 3-5 days, this went by and no watch. 7 days went by and I asked about it, they told me to wait ten days. I was offered a replacement and then it was denied and I was told to wait ten business days and then it still wasn't sent out when it should be and so, over two weeks after I'd made the order, the watch finally, miraculously, arrived on my doorstep. To be honest, a little bit of the shine was taken off the whole thing by the time it arrived as I'd gone through countless tweets, direct messages and Facebook messages in order to actually get to this point (and to be honest, it was my bad for not checking the bad reviews online as there are most definitely plenty). However, it was now all mine to test out.

First niggly thing - this doesn't come with any charge on it. This is annoying to a tech nerd like me as the first thing that I ever want to do with my new gadget/phone/laptop is play with it - I chucked it on to charge but it did take a solid hour or so to get to the point where I could set it up, which is annoying but fine overall. When I finally did get to being able to use it, it was pretty easy to set up (it's easier to set up on an iPhone, I believe, than it was on an android) and once I'd got it running I have to admit that it's pretty impressive. All you have to do is link the watch and the app on your phone and you're up and running.

Both on the phone app and on the watch it's easy to set up a "Do Not Disturb" mode which is great when I'm working as the constant buzzing can get super annoying, you can also edit the various vibrations so you can tell one notification apart from another - which I like. You can get app notifications as well as basic calls, texts and missed calls which meant that, ideally, I could pick up emails without having to constantly be on my phone to check if they're important or not - which was handy when I was busy "working" in the day. My one thing with this was the notification buzzing is constant if you get a couple of messages in a small period of time and so I'd say work with the minimal amount of apps linked that you can for the best usage of the watch.

smartwatch properties

Although this isn't the best or coolest looking smartwatch, it's fine and clean looking and goes with most things, and it's comfortable and adjustable to a pretty good extent. It's filled with some pretty useless things for someone like me - weather and temperature displays for instance - but it also has some neat little tricks like an LED notification light and a digital time that lights up in the notification bar so you can check the time at night (you can also just tap the watch glass to dismiss notifications). The notification bar is neat and easy to read and, should you wish to, you can even change the scroll rate to give yourself less or more time to read the incoming notifications. My one main thing with this watch is even if I give it the maximum 2 hour charge time, I can get 1 and a half, maybe 2 days at most out of the watch even though it's billed at seven; often this is enough to put me off wearing it for longer periods of time.

All in all you can get these pretty cheap and they're a good entry level watch into the smartwatch world - but it's definitely not my be all and end all and I think I'm likely to be splashing out for a better offering in the near future. Do you have any smartwatch recommendations?

Sammy xo.

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