Friday, 25 March 2016

Mr Bean's Coffee Scrub

I've been feeling a little left out over on instagram. It's not the lack of a marble background, or the fact that I'm barely ever in my perfect white canvas of a bedroom at my parent's house anymore - no, it's that I didn't have any ground coffee to rub onto my body to make it as silky smooth as could possibly be. When I first saw this - I doubted the legitimacy. It's just any scrub, right? It's just like chucking some nescafe in with some water and leaving it on your body - what's the big deal? So, when Mr Bean's offered to send me out a sachet of their Mandarin offering to try out, I felt like I'd made it with the cool kids crowd and so quickly agreed without trying to sound creepily and obsessively keen to get my coffee scrub on.

So first up - the packaging. I have to give it to Mr Bean's, they've nailed it. Everything about the packaging is adorable, it speaks of a fictitious Mr Bean in terms of what the scrub will do for you and it's cheeky without being cheesy - thumbs up from me. I also like the easy use packets which are essentially a cooler grated cheese packet (you know, rip the top and then press the two sides back together to reseal?) although I wish this was a better system as sometime if coffee gets into the grooves it can be difficult to reseal the packet; though, you know, first world problems. It's all well and good that this stuff looks cute, but the fact of the matter is that a sachet is going to set you back $14.95 - and isn't it just glorified instant coffee scented to make it less offensive? Well, yes and no. Undeniably, this is scented coffee - but it's also chock full of good stuff like Himalayan pink salt, Demerara Sugar, Cold pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa and Vitamin E oil.

Basically, this is an all in one - it's going to refresh and exfoliate your skin and moisturise and help to repair it in one fell swoop. It's glorified coffee, but it's also so much more. I started out with a handful of this and it turned out to be far too much even for my whole body, but I threw it out, waited freezing my bum off outside the shower stream and then jumped back in to wash it off and I have to say that my skin was definitely softer and smoother than I've ever managed to achieve with a "standard" scrub. As for the smell - if I'm honest, the mandarin is redundant. It might smell like orange in the packet but, like every flavoured coffee in existence ever, the minute that this hits the water all you're going to get is a face full of pure caffeine.

I will say that, although I doubted this and I almost wanted to be a hater because things on instagram tend to just be things that a few people like but most people actually think are very unpleasant yet trendy, like coconut water - I actually don't hate it. For once in my uncool adult life, I get the trend. My skin felt amazing, I felt like I could have gotten a caffeine high off the smell alone for about three days afterwards - but I do have to mention that if you don't give it a thorough wash afterwards it can look a little like you've gotten a fake tan job. I can't attest for the other coffee scrubs out there, but I will give Mr Bean's a thumbs up - plus it'd be great if you were in a rush and wanted to exfoliate and tan in one easy go (that's a joke, don't do that in real life.)

What coffee scrubs would you recommend?

Sammy xo.
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