Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My 5 Favourite Lipsticks

I'm a total sucker for lipstick and, although more infrequently now that I'm dating Katy and want to kiss her face as much as possible, I like to wear it as often as I can get away with. Some people I know have a staple colour, you know "oh muted pinks are just so me" or "I love a classic red lip" - but I've just never been that girl; for me, all lipstick was created equal and if I can get away with it without looking like a child that got into her mum's make up stash, you can bet that I'm going to wear it. So, with that in mind; here's my top 5.

Top-Bottom; Lolita, Jade, Mauve, D For Danger, Liv

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita
This is a solid favourite of almost every beauty blogger in the world - but I definitely use it as a staple colour when I need something that will stay on right through the day. I like this because although it does wear off in the centre of the lips, I can just do a quick swipe touch up without having to worry about inspecting it in the mirror to get a neat lip line in every time I've eaten something or grabbed a drink. This is a dusty brown sort of pink lipstick that seems to look different on every skin tone - it's a classic, but for a reason. It's worth noting though that getting this even when you first put it on is no joke, and it's so matte it can make your lips feel as dry as your fingers after you've been in the bath too long. A big shout out to my cousin Caitlin for bringing this home from Canada for me when I couldn't get my hands on one here for love nor money.

Collection Little Mix In Jade
It's hard to get a real nude for me because I'm so pale anything too light makes me look creepy and corpse like - but Jade is the perfect soft pink to pull a (and I'm cringing for myself when I say this) your lips but better. This is a satin finish with a soft feeling and it's the kind of lipstick that you can top up without looking in a mirror. I wear this when I have a statement eye because, although it's nothing special, it's just the perfect colour to pull a natural look together. Plus, the packaging on this is so adorable I love carrying it around with me - sad, but true.

Stiks Cosmetiks Mauve
If you ever wanted a lipstick that looks like it's about ten times more powerful in the tube than it is when you put it on your lips, this is your guys - yet, I'm surprisingly one of it's biggest cheerleaders. This is the sheerest wash of colour you'll ever find in a lipstick, it's barely mauve at all - it's barely any colour at all, and yet it somehow always manages to look so flattering. This is a super glossy type of balm finish and it leaves my lips feeling moisturised and hydrated. If my lips need a little bit of TLC this is the lipstick I'll always reach for. Also, Stiks are made to fit in your pocket without ruining your silhouette and I'm all about be able to store things in my pockets without making it look as though I've loaded them up with stones.

Mac's D For Danger
Katy and I got this with a stray voucher that I found in an old purse and it's the perfect red/purple colour. This suits both of us and, although it's a matte, it is the new Mac formula which means it's less offensive to the lips than the retro mattes. This isn't my favourite colour in the world, but I find it a lot more flattering on me than the ever-raved about Rebel and so if I'm going for a red based statement lip, this will always be my pick. If nothing else, it's definitely my favourite Mac lipstick to date, which says something even if I don't know what that something is.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Liv
This is without a doubt my favourite lipstick that I own. Katy got it for me for my birthday and, although NARS are my ultimate favourite make up brand, it's the first lipstick from them to grace my collection. This is a deep, deep purple and everything that I wanted Rebel by Mac to be - it's satin and doesn't dry out my lips and the packaging is legitimately amazing. This is always the lipstick I reach for if I'm going out out and it's one I always stop on in my drawer when I'm flicking through deciding which to wear. Not relevant, but I did spot that one of it's sister lipsticks is called Fanny and I find that hilarious.

What are your favourite lipsticks?

Sammy xo.

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