Saturday, 12 March 2016

Project Confidence & Meeting Charlotte Tilbury

For 7 days, I've been a bundle of nerves. What happened last Thursday to make you feel like you're permanently about to vomit, you might ask? Well, I got an invitation to an event. This wasn't an event that included canapes and prosecco and mingling with fellow bloggers however, this event meant sitting down and personally meeting Charlotte Tilbury - the queen of make up - alongside an intimate few other bloggers and members of the press in a private room in John Lewis Liverpool. This was, in essence, the coolest thing that has ever been offered to me on a plate - and after checking Katy could come along with me, I accepted the invitation.

So, on Thursday of this week - we head down to John Lewis and were led in the partner's entrance and up to a private room where every range Charlotte Tilbury has created was laid out before us in amongst roses and Diptyque Candles. Anxiously, I sat down between Katy and Alex and we waited for the queen herself to arrive. I expected it to be in a flurry of rose petals and sophisticated perfume and an over zealous smoky eye for a day event - but it was even better, it was in a flurry of panic, her apologising for her appearance (she still looked flawless) and complaining about her five hours sleep the night before (you and me both, sister.)

Charlotte Tilbury was, somewhat to my surprise, a pretty extraordinary and yet surprisingly down to earth woman. Project Confidence Number Two, the reason she'd pulled our little group together, was celebrating women and their flaws, and how if you give them the right tools they can conquer the world and that's the thing about Charlotte, she makes you feel as though as soon as you throw your eyeliner on the world is a lot more easy to tackle. Looking around the room, it was clear that it wasn't only Katy, Alex and I that were pulled into this idea that by buying make up (and there's a lot of natural looks and some looks a little more bold to be picked from) we could create this entire alter ego that only betters and exaggerates the best features of ourselves.

We talked about the idea of capsule wardrobe make up boxes, that showed you your finished look and came together in a box in order to give you everything you need to create it - and it's amazing that nobody has come up with this idea before. Charlotte is keen on making make up readily available and more easy to use for every woman out there, irregardless of skills, lifestyle or how much time she has each day - and it's clear how passionate about it she is; her excitement about the products that she's created shines through when she's talking and it all makes you feel a part of something just a little bit special.

Everything from her lipsticks to her foundations, to her skincare had us captivated, testing and swatching to our heart's content. When we left, it was chattering excitedly to each other and showing off our selfies and talking about the story behind each product - feeling like we'd been there to make pillow talk a colour just the same way that Charlotte Tilbury was. There'll be more posts to come on the products we received at the event, but I just wanted to talk about meeting an idol, and how it surpassed every expectation that I had for it. I want to talk about Charlotte Tilbury and the passion that goes into her make up, and I want to tell you to please, please get the Magic Cream on your shopping list, because you're seriously missing out if it isn't in your life.

Sammy xo.

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