Monday, 14 March 2016

Sensai Cosmetics - The Brand I Didn't Know That I'd Love

You know sometimes you find a brand and it's like almost too good, it's so good that for a while you feel almost cheated and angry that you didn't know about it any earlier? For me last month, that was Sensai. To be honest, I'd never even considered Sensai an essential part of my routine until they offered to send me some bits and bobs and I promptly forgot that they'd agreed to do this and then when they arrived on my doorstep I was intrigued, but not too excited overall because how good could a brand really be if I hadn't heard of them before now? Oh how niave (and full of my own self importance) I was.

Let's start up with the make up - first up the Cream Foundation in Natural Beige. This is an odd textured foundation in that I would say it's not at all a cream except in the sense that it appears to be, in essence, a moisturiser. This is a really dark, really wet foundation in the jar (which is frosted actually glass and super heavy and well made, by the way) but when you rub it in this genuinely does give an amazing flawless finish with a light/medium (perhaps, if you build it up) coverage. This makes your skin feel amazing and it does also look amazing, but the better your skin is the better it looks, basically. Quick note though, this is 80% essence ingredients and that's reflected in the price, that's an eye watering £65, but you are paying for the skincare additions and so make sure you use the plastic spatula it comes with to preserve it best you can. This lasts all day on me - but it's worth noting that Katy's skin is considerably more dry than me and she doesn't like the way this feels, sits, or lasts on her.

Next up was the Triple Touch Compact and, honestly, I was the most intrigued about this. I absolutely love concealer and so I was excited at the prospect of not only one with pigment, but also a clear concealer to mask imperfections and even out pores (how cool is that, seriously). This is in the colour 1 and even for a little pale head like me it's a really good fit - the concealers are smooth and easy to blend and although I'm still thoroughly testing out the clear concealer to try and decide if it really does make a difference, it definitely helps my make up to sit better on my uneven skin which is good. Underneath the concealer pans there's a setting powder and it's the palest powder I've ever seen without it being translucent. This is something that I seriously am impressed with - it's smooth and silky and leaves no cakey, orange look whatsoever. I don't know if you can buy this particular powder seperately but I'd almost be tempted to suggest the powder itself is worth the £40 this will set you back.

Next up; lipsticks. To be honest, I expect a lot from lipsticks - I have a huge collection and I expect each new one to measure up to the previous favourite and, to be honest, I'm not sure that this measures up. I got Hazemomiji (a orange coral) and Hananadeshiko (a pretty true read) and they're not appalling, they're smooth and glossy and pretty pigmented, they even wear off evenly - but these Rouge Intense Lasting Lipsticks will set you back a whopping £25 (£2 than Charlotte Tilbury!) and I'm not sure that I'd recommend them over cheaper offerings. All in all though, the colours are pretty and they're not terrible - but just know you're not paying into the best lipstick that you'll ever try when you're throwing down your £25.

Last but not least - my absolute favourite of all of the products that Sensai sent over - the Step One Cleansing Balm. I am a sucker for a good cleansing balm and it's hard to get a good one here in England - I don't get on with The Body Shop's vitamin E offering, I hated Emma Hardie and got through it way too fast to be able to justify the price - but this might be the baby bear of this goldilocks story (you know, just right?). I love that this is in a squeezy tube - I don't end up with a gross orange balm once I'm taken my make up off with it a few times, and I don't accidentally gouge out too much and get through the whole tub in a week. This easily dissolves make up and leaves my skin so soft and shiny - and you really do only need the amount of product I've swatched on my hand below. This is expensive at £40 and I probably won't be repurchasing when I'm out purely because I'm skint - but if your toss up is between Emma Hardie type pricing and this, definitely opt for the Sensai.

Sensai is a luxury brand, it goes without saying (you can only buy them online in Harrods, I believe) - but they're a brand that I really do feel like are providing you with a quality that's worth your money. I obviously wouldn't say go into debt because these products will change your life, but if they're within your means then they definitely offer some products that will revolutionise your make up routine.

Sammy xo.
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