Saturday, 19 March 2016

Skincare Wishlist

I love skincare, but it's one of those things that I never splash out on. If I'm going to buy something expensive, I want something to show for it and so I'd always pick make up - an eye wateringly expensive lipstick or something. Since meeting Charlotte Tilbury though, she got me thinking a lot more about my skin and how this is the first part of me that people see and how important it truly is to look after it, for when I'm wearing make up and for beyond that and so I've been a little skincare obsessed since - so, here's my picks.

Argan 5 Ultra Rich Body Butter (£8.99 - Waitrose)
I have to admit that although my facial skincare regime can be considered a little lacking, my routine with regards to looking after the rest of my body is considerably worse. I need something like this Argan 5+ ultra rich butter with a ton of helpful oils so I feel a little less guilty when I inevitably forget for the next three days. Plus, I think this is pretty cheap for what it is. Definitely high up on my list, but mainly because I'm super lazy.

Soap and Glory Peaches and Cream Deep Cleansing Milk (£8 - Boots)
This is something Katy and I have been absolutely desperate to try for months but we just haven't gotten around to buy it and we always seem to forget about it when we actually need a new cleanser. I like the idea of the smell of Soap and Glory when I'm taking off my make up but beyond that this seems super cheap for the amount that you get. Also, like - Soap and Glory, you know?

Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner (£12.99 - Superdrug)
I am one of the palest people known to man and, although it doesn't usually bother me, with Summer supposedly somewhere not too far around the corner, I do like the idea of getting some colour on my body. I used to use cheaper gradual tans but they just never really worked out for me, but I think this one sounds really good and anything that is going to slim down my legs is good by me. I don't know if this is the original Skinny Tan but in new packaging or not, but how cute are their tubes now?

Kiehl's Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque (£28 - Selfridges)
Mostly I'm just obsessed with Kiehl's because I haven't tried anything from them and they're like my own personal version of a beautiful unicorn - and this mask seems as good a place as any. I like the idea of brighter skin and got knows I could use it with how little sleep I get on a daily (nightly?) basis. Plus how adorable is the packaging (oh come on, you're on a blog with fickle in the title, what did you expect.)

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops: Hydration (£40 - Harvey Nichols)
I'm absolutely all about personalising your skincare if you can - and so Cover FX custom drops are the perfect alternative - it means that you can take your ideal moisturiser and make it even more perfect for you. I picked hydration because that's what I'll never have enough of - and I love the idea of just being able to chuck it in with my moisturiser or foundation. It is worth noting that this is fairly expensive and it's not really meant to be used on it's own but still - a girl can dream.

What skincare are you lusting over?

Sammy xo.

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