Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Balm Boutique

One of my favourite things about blogging is getting to feel like I'm behind the scenes - getting to talk to people who create products, people who promote them; people who just really do believe in the thing that they're selling. Carmelina from The Balm Boutique is just the epitome of this - everything about Carmelina (the creator of the shop) believes in the products that she's creating, and with good reason. I felt really lucky to get to talk to Carmelina, to get to be a part of the company that she's building and I honestly have to say that she's onto something special here and so I really enjoyed trying the products that she's so carefully created. This is a set of products that started from home - a mother trying to comfort her children - and it shows; these are products that you want when you're ill and away from your mum.

I got a lot to try out from their range and each thing surprised me in different ways, but let's start with my favourite - the green healing balm. This was created by Carmelina in order to help with her children's eczema, and it's soothing and calming and I can see exactly why her kids would think so too. This has the overpowering and yet strangely comforting smell of cumin (it smells sort of heavy and peppery) - it reminds me a lot of tiger balm which my mum used to use on various cuts and bruises when I was a kid. I've been massaging this into scars and they're definitely fading but more than anything it just makes me feel comforted and ready for bed - so I'd say it was worth a tenner on that alone.

Next up - the body polish. I got the citrus version and it smells fresh, clean and very, very sharp. It is, in essence, a solid scrub that crumbles apart and then when you add water it makes a very abrasive scrub (in a good way.) This is definitely one for when you're shaving or if you're trying to get your tan off - a tub has lasted me a good while and so I'd say it's well more worth the £10 than the coffee scrubs that are floating around that only have a few uses in them - but I will say be careful with the lid because I've somehow managed to crack mine and so can only store it upright or I end up with sugar scrub all over the show. I also got the citrus scent as a butter bar and, although I do like this, I find it's my least favourite of all of the offerings. I like the way this feels on my skin, it's like a hard balm, but as it doesn't melt very well except against my hand, I can't really figure out the best way to use it. It smells amazing though, and if I work it out; I'll let you know (in the mean time, all tips are appreciated).

Last but not least, I got four lip products (£5 each) - two lip tints in Chocolate Cherry and Strawberry and two lip glosses in Chocolate Mint and Citrus. I really like these, the flavours are strong without that artificial chewing on an air freshener scent, and they're next in my to be finished pile once I've gotten through my ellovi spring blossom offering. Out of all of them, I find strawberry the most pleasant but I would say this was any more of a tint than any of the others, they're all essentially sheer balms in my eyes. Nice though, not too sticky.

All in all I've really enjoyed getting to know Carmelina, and she has a lot of good stuff to offer at a really affordable price point. Its charming and homemade in all of the right ways and it just makes you feel as though you're a part of something special. Keep an eye out for the products at #NWmeet too, as we'll have some up for grabs and it's definitely worth getting your hands on.

Sammy xo.
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