Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Wanderlust Wishlist

Easily the biggest bane of my life is the fact that I want to travel, but can't afford to travel. Katy and I have been to Spain and Poland, but it's not enough for people with feet as itching to see new places as ours are. We regularly talk about the places that we'd like to go, and it changes regularly, but there's always somewhere new on our wanderlust wishlist and so I thought I'd share some of the places that I'm lusting over this week, instead of sharing some of the skincare bits and bobs or make up goodies that I want (that'll undoubtedly return next week.)

Tokyo - Japan
This is basically my dream destination - I really want to go to Disneysea, and Katy loves Hello Kitty and as it suits both of us in our individual ways it's likely where we'll go for our honeymoon. I love the whole culture of Tokyo - the street fashion, the cat cafes, the cute little stationary shops. Since I've been a kid I've wanted to go and it's still pretty much right at the very top of my list. I'm particularly eager to visit Harajuku - and I'm pretty sure I've talked Katy around to be as desperate to go as I am using Sanrio alone.

West Pomerania - Poland
I have a love affair with Poland and, although at the moment it's both started and ended with Krakow - there are a million other places in the country that captivate me. Katy and I are looking to visit Warsaw this year, and we will of course be headed back to Krakow, but one of the places that I'm desperate to visit is West Pomerania. It's not just for the cute dogs, although that is a huge part of the attraction, but they have a crooked forest here and I'm so weirdly eager to see it. I just like the idea of such a beautiful place to visit for a holiday, and I hope it'll be on my upcoming travel list.

Seville - Spain
Before I got ill I was meant to go on a homestay to Seville, but then my depression and anxiety got a lot worse and I wasn't well enough to go - but ever since it's been a place I've really wanted to visit. We have a house in the South of Spain, but in a tiny village and Seville really couldn't be more different if it tried. It's the capital city of Andalucia, which is the region I live in when I'm in Spain, but it's a strange hybrid between the old Spain that I'm accustomed to and the new Spain I'm really desperate to encounter.

Piedmont - Italy
I spent two years of my life trying to get my head around the unification of Italy, which is surprisingly hard when you haven't visited the place. Ever since I learned about it as the hub of Italy's unification, I've wanted to see the place for myself - amongst other things it has an absolutely beautiful landscape; but this is mainly the history nerd in me.

Hamelin - Germany
This is a very specific request - I want to visit Hamelin's christmas markets. I've been really, really keen to visit the Christmas markets for the last few years, but because my birthday falls in the middle of December it never seems to be quite the right time to jet away (and last year when we found a weekend we actually ended up using it to head off to Krakow, no surprise there.) This is supposedly a real fairytale Christmas market and I just don't know why you wouldn't want that.

Where's on your wanderlust wishlist?

Sammy xo.

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