Tuesday, 8 March 2016

When I Think About Me I Touch Myself

I went to an all girls high school and truthfully, not much was off of the table. We openly talked about periods, about who was dating who, about who was having sex with who, about pregnancy scares, STI's and the best positions - the one thing we still didn't talk about? Masturbation. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the only one doing it, but we awkwardly laughed it off when boys spread rumours about who was masturbating for them on webcam, we all pretended it was so odd and alien to us that it was amusing. It wasn't - alien or amusing - and looking back I think good on those girls for being so confident in their sexuality and the knowledge of their bodies at 17 and 18, because god knows that I wasn't.

beginner sex toys

I wasn't new to masturbation when I was 17 and 18, but I was still scared of my body - wary, much more so than the boys that I'd been with. I touched tentatively under the covers and kept it a shameful secret - I grew up thinking it was shameful, disrespectful to my partner if I was in a relationship, bordering on pathetic if I was single. It wasn't until I left school and got in a real, fairly intensive sexual relationship with a girl that this changed. I felt like I couldn't pleasure another woman if I couldn't pleasure myself - I felt awkward and odd doing to her things that I'd only had done to myself by another person and so, exploration began. I tried toys on my own, but never really had anything more than a neutral experience - until I met Katy, when my sex toy collection quickly grew and I learnt pretty fast that sex toys weren't just a solo experience, but something I could share with someone I really loved, both in heterosexual relationships but especially so in a same sex relationship.

smile makers sex toys

So, on that note, and because today is international women's day and it's worth taking a little time to celebrate yourself - I thought I'd talk about a few gifts that I've received lately from Smile Makers. Smile Makers are a company that pride themselves on making "the friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet!"and they're everything you'd expect them to be; innovative, well made, more unisex than most on the market and, more importantly, adorable and pastel coloured. More than that though, they're functional for an experienced user, whist still being unthreatening to someone starting out with sex toys - all in all, Smile Makers have managed to nab the perfect gap in the market (plus, you can literally get them from Superdrug, so yay for not having to go out of your way to get your literally kicks.)

bullet sex toy review

They sent me The Fireman and The Millionaire - I got to pick out of their four toys and I picked one traditionally shaped, The Millionaire, and one that was a little more innovative, The Fireman. Both are waterproof, last up to 4 hours on one AAA battery and have 4 speeds plus 1 pulsation mode - so that's a whole lot of kick for such a little, unassuming product. These are clean, have a mattefied silicone feel (no stickiness that will attach to all the fluff in your knicker drawer, I'm speaking from experience) and they're comfortable to use, flexible and have a nice glide whether you choose to use lubricant (water based) or you know, the natural stuff. I found both worked really well - The Millionaire is a pretty standard vibrator, Ann Summers bullet style; the expanded middle is a nice touch to add something more if you're using it to penetrate yourself with though.

smile makers fireman review

The Fireman though. Oh, The Fireman. As a bisexual woman I can honestly say this is probably the first time I've orgasmed over a fireman, but this guy is something special. His flame vibrates quickly and the tip is great against your clit, but alternatively - this works really well if you flatten it out and use it as a less intense, less focused vibrator as well. Out of the two the fireman definitely loses power the quickest, but both seem to pretty pretty powerful for a pretty long time. As a bonus these are super quiet so won't tip off your housemates (unless, like me, you've taken to posting about them on the internet).

All in all - Smile Makers have made something good, even better and I'd happily shell out the £29.99 to get another one in my collection - I have my eye on the French Man as my next purchase...

Sammy xo.
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