Sunday, 3 April 2016

5 Things I've Learned Since Living With My Girlfriend

A little while ago I wrote about some of the things that I've learned since living in a house full of girls - but when I was thinking about our relationship, I realised just how much I've learned since I started living with Katy. Although we don't share a tenancy yet (roll on September) I live around 5 days with Katy a week, and then sometimes we spend the other two together or sometimes we head our seperate ways - but, in essence, I spend a huge majority of my time living with Katy. Moving in with your partner definitely seems a lot different than it is in reality, but here's some things I've learned since I've been living with my girlfriend.

1: You Don't Know The Word Compromise Until You Move In With Your Partner
I'm super picky and particular and the word compromise just wasn't in my vocabulary, but slowly it's wheedled it's way in there. We compromise on who does what rubbish jobs and I have to compromise on the fact that sometimes when I ask Katy to tidy up the plates in our room she will just pile them all up in the corner and leave them for four weeks before washing them. Ah, good old compromise. It does also mean that in return for getting her things off the floor/putting her rubbish on the floor I get my favourite side of the bed though, so swings and roundabouts.

2: We Can Watch An Entire Season Of A Programme In A Night
When we were apart and we used to watch different programmes at the same time we'd get through maybe one season a week, if that. Now that we live together, we can easily smash out a season in two days if not sooner. In all seriousness, moving in with Katy has only increased the sheer amount of TV we get through in a certain period of time. It's awesome, we're nearly halfway through Grey's already.

3: There's Never Enough, Well... Anything
We never have enough bobbles, or clips, or plates or cups. We just never have enough anything, to be honest - we're swimming in make up and skincare and we will still be bickering because we want to be using the same moisturiser at the same time. You don't know what it's like to be embarrassed until your girlfriend has used the only three bobby pins that you have and you have to nip over and ask a housemate to borrow some. We seem to have an abundance of just about anything until it comes to us needing to use a certain thing, in which case every instance we have of them will almost definitely go mysteriously missing.

4: There's Nothing Better Than Waking Up Super Warm Next To Somebody You Love
And there's nothing worse than when she prises me off of her because we've inevitably woken up late and she needs to leave for University about twenty minutes ago. We spend a disproportionate amount of time curled up around each other in bed against the radiator, and although it's about 20% romantic, it's a solid 80% because we live in the coldest house imaginable (I do love it, though. The cuddling, not the cold house).

5: Joint Make Up Collections Are Probably The Best Thing To Happen To The World
For real though. Katy and I have the same skin tone and it's a blessing. Enough said.

Do you live with your partner? What lessons have you learned since moving in together?

Sammy xo.

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