Monday, 4 April 2016

Adding SPF To My Daily Routine

Every so often, I go on a mad one and get weirdly addicted to a certain step of my skincare routine - usually it's my night cream or an eye serum but for the last few weeks, it's been my SPF. I don't know what prompted this (a mix of Tarabbyz and Caroline Hirons, I'd imagine) but I suddenly thought that I'm not a teenager any more and I should probably be looking after my skin better. So, in a fit of good old guilt I decided to start using SPF under my make up in order to keep myself in the best skin-shape possible. I started with P20, but I got this in my eye and didn't recover for a week and so, I dug out my factor 50 offerings from Face The Future Shop and added them to my skincare bag, firmly decided they would now take a place in the daily routine.

I knew that, as this was going to be a part of my morning routine, I needed something that would not only go under moisturiser, but that would also go under make up too and so I opted for the Heliocare SPF 50 XF Gel.  This is the lightest formula that Heliocare offer, I believe, it absorbs really quickly and without a white cast and it sets a really clean base to put moisturiser and foundation on top of. So does it work? Well, it's hard to tell - it's not like we're rolling in sunshine over here, but I definitely feel like my skin is probably better protected against the English weather, come rain or shine.

I've been avoiding SPF like the plague ever since I worked out that in flash photography conditions, it would give me a white cast. This, in itself, is pretty weird - given that I avoid taking selfies as a general rule, and so it's not like I'm constantly bombarded with flash photography. However, the fact is, I am killer pale and the fact that I don't wear SPF has always worried me a little bit - surely my poor pale skin was absorbing every tiny little bit of sun and probably, in the long run, being affected just as much as if I was going out less regularly in the height of the sun and so I'm feeling like adding SPF is a positive step.

Heliocare isn't cheap - a full sized bottle from Face The Future will cost £23.00, but I'd say if you plan on wearing it every day but you've been put off as you've always remembered the heavy white lotions your mum used to make you wear on holiday in Cornwall as a kid, this is the product to restore your faith in SPF. This is smooth and thin and rubs in just like a moisturiser - and so to take care of your skin, £23 isn't actually as expensive; especially given that you can afford cheaper moisturiser instead of splashing out on an SPF version if that's your jam.

I'll update you when I get around to the Summer and my face sees some actual sun - but so far? So good.

Sammy xo.
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