Monday, 25 April 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Skin Trilogy

When I met Charlotte Tilbury (have I mentioned this before, that I met Charlotte Tilbury? Because I did. Face to face. In case you missed that.) it was less about the make up and more about the skincare and, to be honest, I felt a little out of my depth because I didn't really realise that she even did anything in the way of skincare. So, when I came away from the event with my own set to try out, I really decided to put it through it's paces to the best of my ability. This stuff is far from cheap - you can buy them seperately, but the trilogy will set you back £195, so I really wanted to know - is it worth dropping just shy of £200 on products, or in this case are you really paying for a name?

So the trilogy consists of Charlotte's Magic Cream, Magic Night Rescue Cream and Magic Eye Rescue - all variations of creams that I use on a regular basis and so I decided to see how they fared against their cheaper counterparts. First up - Charlotte's Magic Cream. If you buy it seperately, this stuff will set you back £70, so let's just have a little think about that before we even begin to move forward; £70 is hella expensive for a moisturiser in anybody's eyes; however, this got it's reputation when Charlotte was still working as a make up artist and it has many celebrity fans and so I was desperate to slap it onto my face (and hopefully magically become Miranda Kerr.) Sadly, I did not become Miranda Kerr after slathering this stuff on, however it's hydrating yet lightweight and it does make your make up look amazing (and has the bonus of being SPF15). This stuff isn't one I'd use as an every day cream, for £70 there's no way I could afford to, but this is a cream that I put on first if I know my make up is going to need a helping hand. It does make for flawless skin if you put make up on top of it, and if you really need that extra something, it's likely worth every single penny.

Next up was the one out of the trilogy that I definitely needed most; the Magic Eye Rescue. This one is the least expensive out of the kit and will set you back £40, which isn't cheap - but, this one is worth every single penny. As a serial awful sleeper, I need anything to combat the bags under my arms, and this does a good job. It's a gel/cream texture and it goes on cold, and it really does help with the appearance of my under eye bags. It doesn't solve them, anything short of a sleeping curse is unlikely to, but it definitely does go part of the way to helping me look a little more human. If you can only afford one - this is definitely my top pick.

Finally comes the Magic Night Rescue Cream - ah, the one that divided me about the trilogy. Let's talk about that. First things first, there's no avoiding the price on this one, which will set you back £100. This was described as the kind of cream that would make you look completely refreshed and hydrated in the morning, and it does do a good job - but I have a couple of issues. Issue one; the smell. The whole trilogy smells the same, a strong rose based sort of scent, but as they others sink in you can't smell them; this one, however, stays on your skin and you'll keep getting a whiff of it all night. If rose isn't your thing, that's definitely something to think about. Issue two; the texture. Like The Body Shop's Bouncy Sleeping Mask, this is a tacky, gel like formula - unlike the Body Shop's offering that seems absorbed by the morning, I do feel like I'm washing the remainder of this off when I cleanse my face again in the morning. It does make my skin look great, but I just don't like the feel or the smell of it on, basically, and for £100 I think you can probably find one (if not multiple) alternative(s).

Basically - you get the quality that you pay for, but especially for the night cream, it's worth testing out the texture on the back of your hands. Would I recommend them? If you have the money, go for it. If you don't, you can find good high street alternatives that do a similar type of job for much cheaper, which is worth knowing before you scrape every penny you have together to buy yourself a set.

Sammy xo.
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