Friday, 22 April 2016

Decorating My Bullet Journal

When I started my Bullet Journal, I knew that I wanted one with a traditional cover so that when I looked at it in public it fit with my professional aesthetic (that I've just made up, nobody is foolish enough to think that I'm professional). However, I love bright colours and all things pretty and so I decided that much like a mullet, my bullet journal was going to be all business in the front and all party in the back - so, without further ado, here's the bits and pieces I've been using to decorate my Bullet Journal.

For the whole of March that I used my journal, I played around with different headings, pens and colours - as well as whether I'd be using washi tape or not. Although I loved the patterns on the washi tape, and mine are from MT, I just didn't like the feeling that it gave my journal and so I decided to move on from it. Plus, to get it neat I needed scissors and I'm too lazy for that, so it was promptly dropped as an idea. I did however, order myself some stickers to help myself track things like my period (the stickers are cute little pairs of knickers), my Doctors appointments (cute little doctors with stethoscopes) and some others for things like coffee or lunches. I find that I'm more likely to keep things recorded if there's cute stickers involved - which pretty much sums me up as a person; I bought my stickers from a cute little Etsy shop called Dook Plook Designs and they were pretty inexpensive.

I've also trialed a fair few types of pens - however, I figured that coloured biros just weren't working for me and so I opted for Stabilo Point 88's which are good for both writing and drawing, as well as not transferring too badly onto the next page. I've found that using the same pen in different colours just makes it all look a little more uniform which makes me super happy and so these are the perfect set of pens for me (plus, all my friends had them in school but I didn't, so any excuse to buy them now I'm an adult.)

I've also taken to using post it notes in my journal - I don't like to cross things out, so these are the perfect way to store little notes to remind myself of things that might not get done immediately, or to house shopping lists and similar. I have a whole variety of post it notes in different colours in order to make sure nothing gets overlooked - also, if it ever comes to the point where I need to completely cover a car in sticky notes like on those prank websites, I'll have my tools all at the ready.

Mostly, I've really enjoyed playing with my bullet journal - it's been a weird learning process where I've loved some things and scrapped others nearly straight away; I think that's the whole charm of the bullet journal idea though, that you just keep working at it until you've managed to hit the perfect set up for you personally. All in all, I've enjoyed the experiment, and I can't wait to see what May turns out like!

Sammy xo.
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