Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Diablo Sugar Free Goodies

I feel like a few months ago everywhere I turned people were really raving about Diablo's No Added Sugar Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and I kept meaning to try and get myself a jar but never seemed to get around to it and so when Diablo offered to send me a jar, along with some of their other sugar free goodies, I was excited to give it a go. Sweets, biscuits and general treats that have no sugar? Count me in. I'm all for trying new things, especially if it could mean eating really good food that's actually somewhat healthy (ish. Sort of.)

So hey, we may as well start with the product that started it all off and so let's talk about the Hazelnut Chocolate Spread. I'm weirdly addicted to chocolate spread, I eat more than I'd like to let on to and so I'm not unfamiliar with diet and low sugar versions of the delicacy. Having said that - Nutella has always remained my favourite - usually non-brand or "skinny" versions are too thin or too hazelnut like or just not right. I have to give it to Diablo - this is pretty close. It's not exactly the texture of Nutella, it's a little thinner, but given that I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference when it's spread on toast I'm all about this sugar free miracle. You can also pick three jars of this up for £8.85, which means it's not even three quid per jar. Well worth it, and it even almost feels as though you're eating healthily - which is some sort of novelty for me.

These Chocolate Chip Cookies really divided Katy and I. I liked them but didn't like the texture, Katy didn't like them at all. They're not as sweet as you'd expect and they do have a really distinctive taste, but I really like them - they do have the texture of stale biscuits, however, in my opinion and they crumble really easily (I would recommend dipping them into the chocolate spread though, its amazing.) My main thing with these is that they just don't quite make the mark - unlike the chocolate spread, you can definitely tell that these are sugar free alternatives. They're pretty cheap though as you can pick up four boxes for £6.76 and so they're worth a try if you are particularly keen on getting rid of sugar from your diet.

Next up were the Cream Filled Chocolate Wafers - I got a packet of these (picture above) as well as an individually wrapped one (picture below). These were pretty good, as wafers go. I always think wafers are a bit of a copout, but these were perfectly pleasant and I wouldn't have been able to tell that they had no added sugar except for the fact that this was the nature of the products. Boring, but pretty tasty as wafers go. Not bad either as the individual one won't even knock you back a quid, and the packet is only £2.50 - which isn't to be sniffed at!

Next up were the Lemon and Cream and the Strawberry and Cream Sweets. I'm not a huge fan of these sweets when they do have sugar, but I have to say they did taste how they were meant to and they were creamy and smooth. 5 packs of these will set you back £1.75 which isn't too bad - and although I can't see the Strawberry version online, I can see that they have a Cappuccino flavour and I'd be all over that. Not bad, not great - but if you liked that kind of thing, they'd definitely be one of the better options out of everything that I tried. The Cranberry and Raspberry Muesli Bar was really nice, but it's hard to compare it against a sugar-full bar as neither is particularly sweet. Nice, definitely, but fairly expensive as a box of five will set you back £3.35.

All in all - Diablo have really knocked it out of the park. Some bits could do with tweaking, but for the most part, if you're looking for sugar free alternatives, then Diablo might be a good call. Let me know if you've tried anything out and you'd recommend it!

Sammy xo.
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