Friday, 8 April 2016

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is one of those effortlessly cool brands that seem to be wherever you go on Instagram - it's old school apothecary and yet modern and hipster and so it really seems to have appealed to those indulging in higher end skincare. I got some of their range for Christmas, and so when they offered to send me out some bits to trial as part of #NWmeet, I jumped at the chance to really put the brand through it's paces - and I have to say (spoiler alert) for the most part, I wasn't disappointed.

First up - the aforementioned packaging. Old school foil tubes, brown bottle glass, monochrome branding - Grown Alchemist have managed to perfectly target a minimalist, clean and trendy market; gone are the bright colours to catch our eyes on drugstore shelves, in their place are adult offerings that you'll want on show in your guest bathroom (not that I have a guest bathroom, but you totally get my point). All in all - their packaging is definitely working in their favour. So, now onto the products that I liked least - Lip Balm; Watermelon and Vanilla. Now, if I'm honest, I'd just never spend £14 on a lip balm but, beyond that, I just think this isn't made in the best way. The foil tube is strong, but if you even touch it slightly within the first few uses, it'll literally squirt out everywhere when you open it. Added to that that this tastes like that really artificial watermelon scent and to be honest, this one just isn't for me - not awful, but I'd say stick to the Lypsyl (it is sold out though, so it seems popular in other circles).

Now that bit's over - onto their better offerings. Katy and I have been sharing the Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser (by which I mean I left it at her house once and I've never managed to reclaim it) and this is definitely one of our favourite cleansers at the moment - a tiny bit really goes a long way, it smells clean and almost floral and it takes make up off like it's nobodies business. As high end cleansers go, this one is much better than Emma Hardie (and it's in a similar price bracket as it's £29) - but this does suggest it will dramatically change your skin as well as cleansing it and, to be honest, it definitely hasn't. My skin does feel soft though, but it doesn't look firmer or brighter in any noticeable way, in my opinion. Next up is the Hydra Repair Day Cream - I really like this, again it's not cheap at £29, but it's a thin yet really hydrating cream and it sinks in really fast making it the perfect day cream for underneath make up - not cheap, but if you've got the money, this will last you a good few months and so it's worth the investment.

The one that's seriously worth the money though, in my opinion, is the Detox Serum. This is £39, but it's one of the only products that I tried that not only meets my expectations, but exceeds them. This is a serum that comes out like an oily liquid and I've found it better to squirt it into the palm of my hand instead of on the back. This feels sticky and a little greasy when you first put it on, but when you add a little moisturiser on the top, it settles in perfectly and adds a nice sheen to your natural face without looking oily. If you're going to grab one of the products, this would be my suggestion.

All in all - I've been really enjoying Grown Alchemist and I'd be keen to try more from them - all in all, I'd say if you're looking to slightly splash out on skincare and you want something worth the money - Grown Alchemist is definitely for you.

Sammy xo.
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