Sunday, 10 April 2016

High Street, High End, Low Tech Hair Solutions

You might know that I've been trying to focus more on my hair. I love my hair, seriously, I do - I loved it when it was blonde, when it was red, when it was... Actually, no, not when it was black and I spent a year growing it out, but most of the other times, long or short, I actually really love my hair. So, I've decided it's time that I gave it a little more time - looked after it a little more, styled it a little more, stopped absolutely burning it when straightening it whilst it's wet because I'm too lazy to dry it (I'm so sorry, mum.) So, without further ado, here's my favourite bits and pieces that I've added to my haircare schedule in the last few weeks.

To be honest, whenever I try high end products I'm always kind of doubtful. I give them the same benefit of the doubt when I'm testing them, but I just doubt whether they're realistically going to work better than the £3 offerings I've grown up on, and so Kevin Murphy was an exciting experiment for me, especially as my nearest Salon selling it is less than a ten minute walk away (aka. closer to my nearest supermarket, lazy girls unite). I've been trying out the Young.Again.Wash as well as the Blonde.Angel Treatment (and I'd like to assure you that Kevin added those full stops in between words, not me), and I'm surprisingly really impressed with both. This is a salon brand and so you're looking around £20 for a regular shampoo sized bottle, but I have to say I'm going to be use this for a treat for my hair. For every day use this is way too expensive, but I have to say that Young.Again.Wash makes my hair incredibly soft and shiny and Blonde.Angel has so much purple pigment it's worked better than some toners I've tried in the past. Overall verdict? Expensive, but worth keeping in your cupboard for when your hair needs that extra something. Not really relevant in this case, but they also smell amazing (the Blonde.Angel smells like Lord Of Misrule) and the bottles are literally adorable.

OGX is a brand that I just haven't tried until recently - they seemed more expensive than their competitors (althought they're still firmly within the high street realms, don't panic) and so I always opted for price over quality, clearly. However, they offered to send us their Weightless Hydration Coconut Water range (us as in Katy and I, I haven't started talking about myself in terms of the royal we) and so we've been testing this out in between giving Kevin Murphy a run for his money. In this case, smell is the main selling point for me; it really is that soft coconut scent that coconut water has as opposed to heavily perfumed coconut, if that makes any sense at all, and the bottles are neat and matchy and lend themselves well to the product, so I like that too. These are great for my hair as I have so much of it and I don't like it to be heavier than it already is - and it's been working great. It's softening on the hair, smells amazing and the oil is great to chuck on wet hair before drying in order to make it that bit softer, shinier and just nicer smelling.

Now straight up this is a brand that I could never afford, but when their PR company offered to send me a few miniatures out I couldn't resist trying the dry texturising spray. It's good, sure, but it's mostly just a glorified hairspray in my opinion and it's so thick that it barely made a dent. Something that is worth talking about though? The Supershine Moisturising Cream. To be honest, gang, there's no way to ease you into the fact that it's just shy of £50 a bottle, and if you have the money go for it, but here's my solution; get a mini travel sized bottle at a less eye-wateringly expensive £20 and carry it around with you. Great for if it's humid outside, chuck it on wet hair and dry and it seems to help tame flyaways the day through, or alternatively use it to sort flyaways on the go. Save your money on the Dry Texturising Spray and definitely give this a shot instead.

One of Katy and I's favourite hair products of all time has to be right on the other end of the scale from Oribe as it comes from good old Herbal Essences. I live and die by their Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream, good if you can get it at the price it's meant to be in ASDA or whatever but, more importantly, an even better deal as you can usually get it in Poundland. I tend to use this instead of conditioner and it might not save my hair from split ends, but it's smells amazing and leaves it looking a lot more healthy and - to be fair - you can't really complain if you're only a quid down.

Probably my favourite of all the haircare bits I've fallen in love with lately is the Aquis Hair Towel. This is about as low tech as you can get - a microfibre towel that you wrap around your hair and secure with a band to keep your hair in place, but I really like it. The microfibre helps to try out your hair more quickly without damaging it and the band really does keep it in place. I didn't use this whilst my hair was purple as I didn't want to stain it but beyond that I've been using it every time I've been drying my hair.

What are your favourite haircare bits and pieces?

Sammy xo.
Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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