Monday, 18 April 2016

Jane Iredale Greatshape Eyebrow Kit

If there's one thing I wish that I woke up with and had to do absolutely nothing to them - it's undoubtedly my eyebrows. All I want at the minute is to have my very sparse eyebrows micro-bladed in, but as I can't afford in, I have instead turned to every pomade, brush, mascara, kit and pencil on the market. Still though, I'm yet to find anything that really works for me and so I still get a little excited when something new comes around, and offerings from my favourite brand Jane Iredale only peaked my interest even more and so I happily agreed to be a guinea pig and test out their Greatshape Eyebrow Kit.

Up until now, the kit comes in only two colours; blonde and brunette. I wold say, if you have sparse, light eyebrows like me - the blonde colour is unlikely to be enough, so opt for the darker. If your eyebrows only really need an extra "boost" then try the lighter colour, and you might get away with it. Each kit comes with a double ended brush with a spoolie one end and a slanted brush the other, the coloured brow powder and a small disk of wax. In it's essence, it's not unlike the Benefit Brow Zings, and it's at a similar price point at £26, however, it's important to notice this contains slightly less product and doesn't have tweezers unlike it's Benefit counterpart.

Having said that - I do like it. The powder is pretty pigmented, and I find the wax does a great job at holding my brows in place; however, for me it's just not enough. No powder is ever going to do that block fill that I need as I just don't have enough hair to rely on powder alone - I had the same problem with the aforementioned Brow Zings. Good product, but I haven't got decent enough brows to have it work for me.

It is interesting though, and the packaging is sleek with a good mirror and overall, I like it - I like the shade of the powder and I have been using it to fill in the front of my brows whilst pencilling in the rest; I'd be keen to see someone with darker hair's reaction to the product because I think it's definitely one to add to the collection - but for me, until they're offering pencils, Jane Iredale just won't be able to do the job for me.

So this is a bit of a mixed one - I like it but it's not a product for me personally; I'd say if you've tried Brow Zings and gotten along with it - this is a great alternative with a brilliant shade of powder. Definitely worth a go for the money, though, especially if you have darker hair or fuller eyebrows than your girl.

Sammy xo.
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