Monday, 11 April 2016

Less Talked About Netflix Picks #2

To be honest, I spend a huge amount of my time watching TV - in fact, it's pretty all I ever talk about and so if you follow me on twitter or know me in real life, you almost definitely already know that. I'm not great at remembering things, and we only have one communal TV in Chester which is in the kitchen and so I don't tend to keep up with current TV - but me a Netflix are definitely in a long term relationship. I got through the basics - Pretty Little Liars, Breaking Bad, Once Upon A Time - pretty quickly, and so since then I've managed to form a few, less common picks. So, without further ado, here's my top three picks for Netflix (you can find my previous top three here)

1: Twinsters
I was really moved by this documentary and every time I flick past it on Netflix I'm always really tempted to rewatch it, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. In essence, this is a documentary following a french fashion student who finds a girl who looks identical to her on the internet and from there, the girls meet, find their history and discover they're twins. It's a really heartbreaking, emotional documentary, and probably not one to watch if you're a little fragile, but it really is beautiful and heartwarming and seeing something so amazing happening in the world definitely made me look around myself a little different.

2: Cropsey
Okay, straight up - these are all documentaries, but bear with me. This one is two filmmakers following an urban legend that they heard when they were children in order to try and discover the truth. It's a little dark and scary - but more than anything I found it really interesting to see how urban legends are formed, and the truth behind them. It kept me on edge for unknown reasons and I felt a bit iffy about watching it on my own in the dark - but when I watched it back, I definitely found it incredibly interesting. It frustrates me that this ends mid-story - it doesn't provide all of the answers that you might want, but it's definitely one to watch.

3: Jesus Camp
Hands down my favourite documentary and my favourite thing on Netflix of all time. It follows three different sets of children as they go to a highly religious conservative camp - and it's fascinating and quite scary in the same breath; it's amazing to watch, but it's also unnerving to see just how strongly these children believe. This is interesting whether or not you're religious, and it's definitely the one thing I'd tell anybody at all to watch on Netflix.

So, there's my Netflix picks - but I'd love to hear your favourite things; the more obscure the better.

Sammy xo.

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