Thursday, 14 April 2016

Rituals The Laughing Buddha Collection - First Impressions

This week has taken the mick even by my standards, and so when we popped up to Cheshire Oaks this week for lunch - my mum was all up for convincing me to treat myself to something to take the edge off and so after scouring every shop in the vicinity I decided on buying myself the Rituals Laughing Buddha Collection. The idea of the gift set is that if you smile the world smiles back and I think sharing some positivity, whether it comes from a body butter or not, is something not to turn our noses up at and so I loaded this beautiful gift set into the car and was determined to make myself just a little happier with it.

So - I put it to the test in one long pamper night. This particular kit contains a shower foam, a body scrub, a bed and body mist and a body cream all in the sweet orange and cedar wood scent which is supposedly some kind of much needed pick me up. I've never tried too much from Rituals in the past - but I was keen to rip this gift set open and give it a go and so I decided to use them all in one night. Wild. So, it all started in the bath with the Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel (I'm sorry, you just can't pamper yourself in the shower, it's just not the same). This is probably the most underwhelming of all of the products - but then again, it's only a shower foam and so I don't really know what I'd expected and so, although it smelt nice and did an ace job of washing me, to buy this seperately it's going to knock you back £8.50 and so you know, maybe see if you can get an Imperial Leather alternative before you splash out on this.

However, now we get onto the good stuff. Next up was the Good Luck Scrub, which will set you back £19.50 if you buy it seperately, but genuinely really is worth the money. This is a really coarse sugar scrub without feeling as though it's too much - this would be a good one to take tan off, but I just used it prior to shaving my legs because I like to get them super smooth. This one was expensive, but a hit (and it works out cheaper if you get it in the kit, and cheaper again if you get it in the outlet like I did, so that's worth thinking about).

Next came the one product I was actually about to fork out for when I noticed that it was in the set - the Touch Of Happiness Body Cream. This is a really soft and yet surprising hydrating body cream that sinks in quickly and smells like oranges, aka. it's amazing. This is £17 if you buy it seperately but you need the tiniest amount and if you're treating yourself to something, I'd put this pretty high on the list, it's so good. Finally came the Happy Mist Bed and Body Mist; I loved bed mists but normally they smell like lavender, which I hate, and so this was a welcome addition to the collection. I found spraying this on my sheets just led me into a much calmer nights sleep, and every time I moved I got a whiff which was very pleasant. It is £16.50 though so, you know.

The kit doesn't come cheap - I believe that I paid £26 for it in the outlet, but it retails for £38.50 on the website - I would say though, if you're looking to treat yourself or somebody close to you, Rituals is definitely worth looking at.

Sammy xo.

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