Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sex Toy Wishlist

Since I made active moves towards making my blog more sex positive, I've spent a lot of time considering how I have sex, what I like with regards to sex - I figure the first step to making waves talking about sex is to really know myself down to the... ahem... core. So, I've been spending a fair amount of time looking at sex toys and aids, trying to work out what appeals to me and what I find most interesting. As such - I've formed quite the wishlist, and so I thought I'd share it with you lot. Without further ado, it's all yours (you're welcome).

Lelo sex toys don't come cheap, but they're amongst the best. They're pretty, in a league of their own and normally something just a little different. This is is inspired by the finger motions you'd expect from a partner, they move in a come here motion and stimulate the g-spot. Not at all the cheapest, but by far one of the highest toys on my wishlist (and the reviews are pretty good, I checked). Bonus - this comes in pink, purple and a gorgeous turquoise colour; not all that important, but definitely a nice addition.

Again not the cheapest, but definitely one that I'm keen on getting my hands on. Mostly - I just like the idea of being able to wear a vibrator; little pleasures (literally, in this case). This is delicate and pretty, it even comes in a rose gold option which is every bloggers dream, and you can even get it engraved. This is definitely a pricey one, and perhaps one I'd get as a present as opposed to buying one for myself, but it's one that's definitely something a little more luxury than the average.

Okay - I definitely only had this one catch my eye because it looks so much like a Clarisonic, but the more that I read about this, the more it seemed like a really good addition to my collection. This has a lot of information and technological know-how behind it - but essentially it omits long, low frequency vibrations and hits more than twice the nerves of a normal vibrator. This is part of Ann Summers Moregasm range and, with a name like that, who isn't planning on rushing out to buy a least one of the clinical looking toys.
When  I looked at getting a strap on I briefly considered getting an internal double strap on, but I read that it's not as easy as you might imagine and so I quickly pushed it aside and got a regular one - but still often talk about buying one in the future. A good one definitely doesn't come cheap, but this one vibrates, has a curved internal toy piece for the wearers comfort and generally just sounds like an great all rounder.

Oh come on, this one is from Coco De Mer, you knew that it wasn't going to come cheap. I love the shape and pattern of this, and I love the idea of it taking the edge off a gaudy, bright coloured plastic collection. Ceramic adds a whole new sensation into the mix, and I'm just really keen on adding this to the collection. I mean, probably not keen enough to drop £150 on it any time soon, but keen nonetheless.

What sex toys are on your wishlist?

Sammy xo.

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