Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Best Pale Foundations

I was going to start this post by saying that for the last few months I've dedicated my life to trialling pale foundations to find the best - but honestly, now I'm thinking about it, I've sort of spent the last eight years trialling out the best out of the pale foundations. Obviously I've tried more than these, and I've given them a good shot - but for comparison purposes I've only included in these set of posts (there'll be today's, an "okay pale foundations" and a "bad pale foundations") the ones I had in my immediate possession so I could give them fair testing and really rank them against each other. Obviously it depends on your skin type and undertones, but I usually come in as NARS Siberia and I have normal skin. Without further ado, let's get this show on the road - here's the best pale foundations in my humble opinion. They're in no particular order, but if I have favourites I'll mention them in their review.

This is the palest pink toned foundation in this range - and although it looks pretty dark in the bottle, it's definitely sheer enough to look natural on me, and it's honestly one of my favourite foundations of all time. This doesn't have great coverage, all in all, with being such a thin formula, but it works really well with concealer on top of it to hide any of the heaviest blemishes. This always looks really good and really natural, however it is worth noting that I can add a lighter foundation to this and it still looks pretty natural without being too pale - so on some, this might show up a little too dark, especially if you're counting on building it up.

Out of my high end foundations, this is one of the foundations that I always rely on when I know that I want to make an impression and I want my skin to look amazing for any period of time. This is a really glowy formula and it doesn't have too much coverage, but it does last well without looking oily or like it's starting to patch off. The brush on this is awful, I'd say just dot it on your face and use a standard brush to blend it in - and don't be put off by how pink this looks when you first put it on, it's nearly impossible to do wrong and it blends right down to looking really natural; you won't end up looking too sunkissed, I promise.

This is one of my favourites of the whole lot to be honest, which I didn't expect as Liz Earle is a company that I always think of as doing skincare as opposed to make up. This is a really good medium coverage, but it's very buildable and although I'm never sure about this when I'm actually putting it on, whenever I wear this people tend to comment on how natural it looks. There are actually only a couple of shades in this though and so this one is too pale, or just not the right undertone, you're unlikely to get one that will fit you exactly.  Sort that out please, Liz.

This is a good all rounder, especially given that it's on the lower end of the scale price wise. This is good for most skin types from what I've seen online, and it's a solid medium coverage that builds up to a really natural, non-cakey looking full coverage that stays put a fair few hours even without a setting powder. It's got almost a matte finish without making you look like a child's doll. All in all - if you're unsure where to start; I'd say start with Vichy.

This is a good "going on a night out kind of make up". It's fairly heavy and lasts well and it's slightly darker than I would normally settle for, however I have to say that it does still look pretty natural given that it's one of the darker foundations that I have in my collection. It has a really good demi-matte finish and so doesn't particularly need powder over the top - and it's definitely a really good option given the price.

Okay so not technically foundation but we are moving into Summer months and so I think it's worth giving this BB cream an honourable mention. Extra light is a really soft pale colour and, although it takes a bit of concealer to really make it work for me, I absolutely love how this makes my skin look. It's dewy without looking oily and it has pretty good lasting power - just be careful layering though as it can very quickly look very orange.

Last but by no means least is Natio's Pure Mineral Foundation. This reminds me a lot of Mac Face and Body without the oily, greasy feeling at the end of the day - this allows skin to breathe but the colour is good, it's really buildable, and it's pretty cheap for what I would still consider to be a fairly high end foundation. Not my favourite out of the lot, but definitely worth adding to your collection if mineral foundations are your thing.

So there you go - the first of my posts on pale foundations, and there's all of my favourites. Got any more to add? Send them my way or mention them in the comments!

Sammy xo.
Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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