Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Lipstick Wishlist

When I started going out with Katy I got out of the habit of wearing lipstick. It was messy if I wanted to kiss her, and all too often we had to coordinate what colours we were wearing and so I just fell out of the habit. Now though, I'm trying my best to wear lipstick as often as possible and so I've been trying to widen my collection (any excuse) and so without further ado, here's my top picks for lipsticks (not sponsored by Sephora, I just wish we had one in England and I'm addicted to searching their pages).

At first I thought that maybe this was a little dark, but it's described as a "sheer mulberry red" and so I think that it would look a lot more subtle on the lip. In the tube this is my darkest pick, but looking at swatches, this could be one of the least intimidating out of all my picks. It's also not that relevant, but I have a NARS lipstick and the packaging is amazing, it has a really satisfying magnetic click - go and try one out.

This is such a gorgeous purple/fuschia sort of colour and it's so beautiful in every swatch that I've seen, if a lot brighter than it seems in the tube (are you sensing a theme here?) I really would like to own at least one piece from the UD Gwen collection and this seems like it could be the perfect fit. Come on, you're all lusting after the packaging, admit it.

This is a really pretty soft coral colour that is pretty true to the colour that it is in the tube. I love the packaging, obviously, there's a serious theme going on re: packaging in this list for me, but more than  that I just think that this is beautiful. I'm always a little iffy about whether or not I can pull off coral, but this is slightly pink and really subtle which is enough to make me think that maybe I'd be brave enough to at least give it a go!

This is described as a muted raspberry pink and I think that I'd agree - it's a beautiful, soft pink without seeming as though it would make me look close to dead (the packaging goes without saying on this one!). I think this is pretty much exactly what I would have liked Creme Cup by Mac to be like, just a really subtle, really wearable shade.

Once upon a time I was torn between this and Kat Von D's Lolita, but I never really managed to get away from the idea that I realistically probably needed both. This is a soft, much more dusty pink with a lot less brown in than Lolita and really, I think I could probably make room for both in my collection, if I tried hard enough...

What's on your lipstick wishlist?

Sammy xo.

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