Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ziaja Skincare

Both times that I've been to Poland, my attention has very much been on what skincare and make up that I can get over there that I can't get here - and I've never been disappointed. Ziaja is a company that I've come across before over there and brought home for my mum and so when they offered to send me some of their products I could hardly contain my excitement. Skincare products from my favourite country in the world? Count me in. Interestingly, it turns out that you can actually grab these products for yourself over on their English website - and once you see the prices, you'll get why you'd want to.

Having tried face creams from them in the past, I was keen to try a couple more and so these were some of the first things that I opted in for. I picked two different formulas - the Goat's Milk Day Cream and the Natural Olive Cream. These are fairly similar, but the goat's milk formula is a lot thicker as it's targeted towards dry and ageing skin, whereas the olive cream is marketed as a much lighter formula. Out of the two, the olive cream is definitely my favourite - it's a thick cream in the tub, but it smooths out and absorbs almost instantly meaning you feel hydrated without that sticky face feeling. It's got a clean sort of talc smell, but the best thing about it? By far the fact that it will only cost you £2.47 for an entire tub. Seriously. Now the goat's milk offering is a little more pricey at £3.12, however it's definitely a much heavier cream than their olive offering and it has a very distinctive heavily dairy type smell, which should be expected but does knock me slightly sick. It's worth it if you have dry skin and you're willing to try anything, especially given the price, but if you're sensitive to smell or if you can get away with a lighter formula, I'd say probably skip this one.

My other two products were from the Argan Oil range, which I was excited to try as I was pretty sure that this wasn't out the last time that I went to Poland, or at least I know that I didn't see it because it's exactly the sort of thing that I would have made a beeline for. I opted to try the Natural Argan Oil Protective Body Lotion and the Natural Argan Protective Hand Cream so that I could be silky soft from foot to finger - but I have to say I've barely managed to get my hands on the hand cream since it arrived as it was promptly stolen by various members of my family. This resides in our kitchen now, and it's a firm family favourite - it sinks in quickly but really does help to soften any dry skin - not so bad for £1.96.

The body lotion is probably the product that I was the most impressed with, to be honest. It's softening, settles in quick and it comes in a pump bottle. This is better and heavier than most tub body lotions and butters that I've ever tried, and it came in a lot cheaper than £3.71. I have to say that this has also really helped towards healing my scars, I'm not sure if it's the oil in the formula or if it's the motion of rubbing it in, but it's worth a go if you're trying to heal any scars, especially as it's so cheap.

All in all I've been seriously impressed by Ziaja, and I'm very pleased to see I no longer need to take a trip over to Poland just to get myself some cheap, decent face cream. I'm sure I can find another excuse to visit though... Have you ever tried anything from Ziaja?

Sammy xo.
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