Friday, 20 May 2016

5 Reasons That Jane The Virgin Changed My Life (Sort Of Seriously, Though)

You all know by now that I'm completely obsessed with Jane The Virgin - and although I joke about how it's changed my life, in some ways it has (okay, that's a bit dramatic, but it's definitely changed how I view life). Although it's one long Spanish soap opera at it's centre, Jane The Virgin is realistically so much more, and I can relate. I mean, obviously not to the Virgin bit if you look at my blog for more than like three minutes, but to Jane as a person. So here's 5 reasons that Jane The Virgin sort of changed my life (potentially spoilers although nothing big.)

1: No Matter How Hard You Plan, Life Will Get In The Way
And okay, maybe in a real life situation this won't be getting accidentally artificially inseminated when you pledged your virginity until marriage, but the lesson is the same nonetheless. You will plan and plan and things will literally almost never go the way that you planned for them to. Life will happen, and you'll adjust and move forwards; it's just the way that the world works.

2: Some People Can Be Good Together, But Not Meant To Be
This is a deep one, but seriously. Look at how good Raf and Petra were together after Elsa and Anna, look at Jane and Michael and yet it's all up in the air - we just don't know who's going to end up together. You can be an amazing pair with someone, but if the constantly changing romantic exploits in Jane The Virgin have proved anything to me, it's that good doesn't mean meant to be.

3: There Are Two Sides To Every Story
This is actually something that Jane The Virgin is amazing beyond words at portraying - all the memories of how Jane remembers something spliced with how her other family members remember it. There's a message here about being more tolerant, people remember and view things differently. Stop holding a grudge when you don't know a full story - appreciate that sometimes people will think they're doing things in your best interest. There are two sides to every story.

4: Family Are Unconventional
The whole point of Jane The Virgin is family - it's about how families can spring from the most unexpected of places, and for somebody who has issues with her actually blood relatives, this is strangely comforting. You may not have the most conventional every day family, but you better be sure that there is a family around you - blood or not.

5: People Will Let You Down
This is, I feel, the biggest lesson that Jane The Virgin has to offer. People in your life will let you down; it might be malicious, or accidental, or in your best interests - but in the end you will forgive them, it'll make you stronger. To me, this is the most important lesson that Jane The Virgin has to offer, and it's a lesson that they teach well.

What have you learned from your favourite TV show?

Sammy xo.

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