Monday, 16 May 2016

A Week Away

You might have noticed that last week, I took a week away. I jumped on a plane and got away from what's been a less than perfect few weeks (although it's looking better lately) and headed over to a less than sunny Spain with my auntie, uncle, mum and dad. I spent seven days exploring Andalucia and Jaen, I saw more lakes and mountains than you'd ever believe, I fed fish in pools and met new people and ate way too much - and it was good.

A lot of my holiday involved speaking more Spanish than I ever thought that I knew, it involved too many bakeries for it to be healthy, it involved laughing so hard my sides hurt and taking too many pictures out of car windows. It was crazy, and busy, and rainy and frankly amazing and it made me realise just how lucky I am.

So this is really just a post to check back in, and to say thanks Spain, you helped me to heal, and now I'm back I'm ready to start again afresh.

Sammy xo.

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