Friday, 6 May 2016

Beauté Mediterranea High Tech Hyaluronic Complex Concentrate

Well, this name is one to get your mouth around, isn't it? First things first - I'm not all about the looks, but isn't it cool when a product or company branding seems to just fit in with your aesthetic? That's how I feel about the Beauté Mediterranea High Tech Hyaluronic Complex Concentrate - it's not it's only selling point that it looks amazing on my desk, but it definitely does work in it's favour. On top of that, I love a good concentrate or serum - intensive skincare is sort of my jam - and so I knew this was going to be right up my street from the moment I laid eyes on it.

I've worked with Face The Future before and they've never let me down and so I knew that, if they'd taken Beauté Mediterranea on, it was definitely a brand that was worth adding into my skincare regime. Fair warning that this stuff doesn't come in cheap at £32.00 but isn't skincare worth every penny? You only have one set of skin, right? Insert any other cheesy phrases about skincare in here as you find them suitable. Plus, a good serum or concentrate is pretty much a must-have in my routine these days or my skin gets dry and disgusting, and so - put into context - maybe £32 isn't that bad at all. Anyway, irregardless of the price, this is something else entirely.

Unlike a traditional serum, this isn't sticky or oily; it quickly absorbs into the skin and it's hydrating without all the traditional negative connotations that come alongside hydrating products (does that make sense? Y'all know what I mean). This is much thicker than I expected it to be - it reminds me of the texture of the Nivea Post Shave Balm - and instead of being clear or yellow oil like I expected, it's almost like a white lotion. It has a dropper which, being honest, isn't the greatest thing because it never seems to dispense enough, but you can easily just dip in and swipe on the back of your hand and then rub it onto your face.

This stuff has a really distinctive smell - almost chemically whilst not quite being a chemical smell; but I have to say that once this is on and you've put moisturiser over the top, it doesn't linger so it's not too big of a deal in the long run. This stuff is good, too, it really softens my skin and makes it feel more hydrated and more plump without me having to absolutely pile on greasy moisturiser. As usual Face The Future really delivered on this one.

All in all - I'd say that it's worth the £32 if you have it, it'll save you on moisturiser and it really did help me notice a difference in my skin. It's a good product from what seems to be shaping up as a great company and I can't wait to see what else they have to offer in the future. So far from Beauté Mediterranea, so good.

Sammy xo.
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