Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Breaking Into My Samples

I have an ever growing stash of samples that I just never seem to get around to digging into and so I'm trying my best to finally get around to working through them. I have just about everything lying in my samples box and so I've started with the five that seemed most inspiring to me when I delved in; I've tried each out and here's my first impressions for them. It's all pretty standard as sample posts go, to be honest.

First up is a variation on an old favourite - The Rituals Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream. You might know that I'm a huge fan of the Touch Of Happiness version of this and so the Ritual Of Sakura version was a nice variation on something that I use regularly anyway. Every bit as good as my old favourite, however this one does have the scent of blue Lenor fabric softener - it's not a bad thing, it's a really clean and soft smell, but it's worth bearing in mind if perfumed is more up your street.

Next up two offerings from Kiehl's - their Creamy Eye Treatment and their Midnight Recovery Concentrate. My favourite of the two is definitely the Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, and I've actually ordered a full sized pot of this I like it so much. It's a thick, almost balmy eye cream that's cool to the touch and really does seem to soothe and de-puff eyes overnight - I wish I'd been able to try this for a few more days, but this is definitely my favourite sample out of the five I trialled this week. I also tried the Midnight Recovery Serum, which I've been excited to try for a few months now, however overall I just found it a little underwhelming. Maybe over a long period of time this would be really good, but I found it a little greasy to go under moisturiser and just not enough to be used instead of. If I come across it again I'll give it another try and definitely try to update!

The next sample came from the Blogger's Beauty Box from last month and it's the JR Naturorganics Mandarin and Chamomile Balancing Moisturiser. This is a really odd texture, thick and balmy and it sits on the skin instead of sinking in - it's not something that I'd buy again for myself, but if you had excessively dry skin I think that this one would definitely be a good investment for you - it can be a little greasy though, so just be aware.

Finally is something I've been meaning to getting around to trying for months, and that's the Dermika Alabaster Mask. I picked this up in Poland when we were over there for next to nothing and it's just a cheap ish face mask - I got a couple but I opted for the Alabaster one this time around. This is a weird mask that doesn't quite set, but did make my skin feel soft and look really even - it's probably not one that you're going to readily come across, but if you do I'd say pick one up.

So there's my samples - what have you been trying? What would you recommend?

Sammy xo.

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