Monday, 2 May 2016

High End Skincare From Bee Bio

I've been working with Bee Bio for a few months now and it's not that I haven't gotten around to writing this post up, it's just that I have so much stuff off of them that it's literally taken all of these months to try everything for long enough to form a coherent opinion and so here I am with nine high end skincare products made with the help of bees and shipped all the way from New Zealand. Something a little special? Definitely. Worth the price? Well, it seems like we're about to see!

The facial creams seem as good a place to start as any and so let's talk about those to begin with - there's three main ones; the Active Manuka Honey Night Creme (£39.13), the Active Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Facial Cream (£41.03) and the Active Manuka Honey Day Creme With SPF15 (£39.13). Let's start with the two day creams - The Active Manuka Honey Day Creme with SPF15 has become a firm favourite, to be honest; it sinks in quickly, has a nice sweet smell without being too sickly (actually all of the products seem to have this same smell, or very similar) and I like the idea of it having SPF in it in order to protect my precious, goth white skin. This leaves my face feeling moisturised without feeling too greasy and so there's no need to rule this one out if you have oily skin in my opinion - however, it doesn't tackle ageing, that's left to the Active Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Face Cream. To be honest - I can't tell much difference between the two, but it's not as though I have an excessive amount of fine lines to fill or anything - this does feel slightly more matte than the day cream, and it does leave my skin feeling plump; but, I'll probably have to pass this one onto my mum for a full set of results (no offence, Ka).

Finally, The Active Manuka Honey Night Creme - which, surprisingly is actually my least favourite of all of the creams. I don't know if I've been spoilt by heavyweight masks like The Body Shop's Bouncy Sleep Mask however, this just doesn't seem to do the job in the same way. It's not tacky or uncomfortable on the face, but I just don't really feel like it's done amazing things to my skin in the time it's been on. Essentially; it's fine, but it's definitely not the best out of the three facial creams.

Now not that facial creams don't make me feel inspired and creative - but let's get onto some of the more exciting stuff. Bee Bio do two eye products; the Active Manuka Honey Eye Cream With Bee Venom (£47.42) and the Nectar Eye Serum (£61.58) (important note; don't use the eye cream if you're allergic to bee stings.) I've been using these together for a while and I also used each on it's own - together it does seem to minimize dark circles a fair amount; however, on it's own so does the cream. In my opinion pay for the eye cream by all means, but I find the eye serum a little gimmicky and an unnecessary extra addition to my already lazily done skincare routine and so I'd say probably skip the extra sixty quid for that one. Next up in the more exciting stuff category is the Bee Venom And Active Manuka Honey Face Masque (£54.90) - I know, I know; £55 for a face mask, am I kidding? But hear me out. This stuff is one of the best offerings out of everything in my opinion; it makes my skin look smooth and fresh and it seems to even out my skin tone at least for a few hours. This is seriously expensive but you need the tiniest bit and it does an amazing job - so, if you're one for splashing out on skincare, this definitely might be worth looking into.

Okay; finally onto the final three which, just by coincidence, seem to be the products that they do in tubes. Let's start with my favourite of all the Bee Bio products with absolutely no doubts in my head - the Active Manuka Honey Facial Cleanser (£22.68); I know, I was pleasantly surprised about the price too as this is definitely not in the particular high end cleanser category. I struggle with cleansers that will take all of my make up off without me having to use an excessive amount - but this does it's job even with the tiniest pea sized amount. Make up off and fresh looking skin all in one easy step? Count me in for that; the lazy girl's guide to make up removal. Next up is the Active Manuka Honey Body Lotion (£20.98) which again, isn't excessively expensive as body lotions go. I do really like this, the smell isn't overpowering and it's thick without me feeling as though it's sitting on my skin; however, I can get through a tube of this in a week if not faster and I definitely can't afford an £80/month body lotion habit. Good, but you need a lot of it, basically.

Finally is the one product that I barely got to trial before it was stolen, like every hand cream that enters this house; the Active Manuka Honey Hand Creme (£20.98). Honestly though, I'm happy to have said good riddance to this one as, as big of a hand cream lover as I am, I just cannot get on board with this particular hand cream. It smells nice and it does a great job at hydrating, but it feels almost sticky when you put it onto your hands and it' s just pretty unpleasant all round - never mind definitely not being near anywhere close to worth the price. Out of all of them, I'd say that this one was definitely the most disappointing product from Bee Bio.

So there you go - a concise rundown of Bee Bio for you; have you tried any of their products? Any that you'd recommend that I haven't got on here?

Sammy xo.
Contains PR samples/items gifted to me by companies however all opinions are my own - please view my disclaimer for more information.

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