Monday, 30 May 2016

Is A Bullet Journal Actually Any Better Than A Diary?

Bullet journals, or so it seems, are the new marmite. Some people love them, but it seems that they tend to divide people - "aren't they just a normal diary?" people ask on twitter on the reg, "are they really worth the hassle?". Well, coming from somebody who's never actually managed to keep up with a real life diary, I truly believe that they are better than a regular diary - but why, what sets them apart?

The appeal for me is that I don't have to have a diary and a seperate to do list. Keeping a to do list in a diary gets complicated and it's never big enough, but because you can edit the Bullet Journal pages to fit you personally, this means that I can set aside enough space that all of my to do lists can go in the same place as everything reminding me of where I'm going, what time my appointments are and who I'm meant to be seeing during the day. It can get a little cluttered, but as long as I keep everything in the colour coded system that I have, it's pretty easy to work out what's what and seperate it all out to make sense to me.

My bullet journal also allows me to track things like remembering to take my tablet and remembering to do my skincare - the bullet journal is, in it's essence, a diary; but it allows for much more freedom, to make the perfect system out of just about any book. The whole idea of the bullet journal is to be a simple system, one that's adaptable and works for everyone, and there's a reason people are raving about it; instead of paying a small fortune to put together a diary that perfectly fits your needs, the bullet journal allows us to pick up just about any book and create it ourselves.

My journal has become more like a planner, but one that perfectly fits around me. I used it for everything, from blog stuff, to story writing, to remind me I'm meant to be meeting friends at 7pm tonight. It's a diary, with the added freedom to create something that is perfectly tailored to fit your lifestyle. In my opinion, it's worked better for me than a diary ever has, but give it a go - let me know how it works for you.

Do you use a bullet journal?

Sammy xo.

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