Monday, 23 May 2016

Kiki Health Coconut Oil

If there's one thing that I religiously take care of, it's my hair. My face gets forgotten about on a day to day basis, I slum around in jeans more days that I don't - but my hair will always be shiny, long and golden (let's pretend it's not pinkey ginger around the roots since the temporary dye fiasco.) I swap out my shampoo every time I run out of one, I used intense purple conditioners to make my hair shiny and take the brass out of my bleached highlights, but one thing that's always scared me? Hair oil. I've avoided it, done it wrong on the rare occasions that I have given it a shot and generally just not had a great experience, and so when Kiki Health sent me their Coconut Oil, I decided now was as good a time as any to try oiling my hair, and although I don't like the taste of coconut I loved the smell so, as long as I didn't somehow fuck it up, it was a win win situation.

I find this a lot less intimidating that the oil that comes out like it should be used on a salad - Coconut oil is solid in the jar and so I just scoop a lump out, rub it between my hands and then focus on the ends. I absolute drench the ends in coconut oil and then run it through the roots, then put a liberal amount on the lengths. Then, I go about my normal day. I mean it goes without saying that I don't go about my normal outside day, like I don't nip to Sainsbury's when I look like I've dipped my hair in grease (I suppose I essentially have?) - but I mean I go about doing my work, tidying up and doing the washing and whatnot and leave it on until I literally can't bear to have it on any longer.

When it comes to washing it out, I make sure I get right into the roots (if you don't get all of the oil out you'll have to wash it again, so I recommend double shampooing right at the roots and really massaging it in), and rinse it all out, use a heavy conditioner and then leave my hair to dry of it's own accord. So, now it's all done, I'm like Rapunzel in Tangled when she first leaves her tower - all amazing and blonde and shiny.

All in all - this stuff isn't cheap, but Kiki is amongst the best coconut oil I've had the pleasure to try. I only need about two pound coin sized amount at a time to cover my whole hair and so given that the 500ml jar is only £13.95 - it's worth investing in a huge amount of this as opposed to a smaller amount of hair oil which is likely to set you back around a tenner anyway. Organic, and if worst comes to worst you can even chuck it in your cooking. Absolute bonus, good job Kiki Health.

What are your favourite uses for coconut oil?

Sammy xo.
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