Saturday, 28 May 2016

May - A Month For Me

As it goes, April sort of sucked for me. It was bearable, I got through it, but it involved a lot of healing, a lot of recovery and kicking bad habits and it was a struggle through, beginning to end. So, I decided to make May a month of healing; a month entirely for me. I went on holiday and spent a week exploring my Spanish home province of Andalusia, and travelling over to Jaen to see what they had to offer that might be different, I met new people, cemented new and old friendships and spent time just working on myself.

Stupid as it sounds, this isn't something that I've ever really done before - taken time out to get my head together and enjoy myself, to heal properly and sleep properly and eat good food and travel around. It's been a month that's gone by faster than I would have liked - it's taught me a million valuable lessons, brought a good few people into my life that I didn't even know that I was looking for - I've fixed some of my bigger problems, eaten all the right food, settled into a sleep pattern; I've been selfish, and it's helped me to heal.

So over the Summer, I suggest that you do it - take a few weeks, a month, and just do things for you. Travel to places you want to see, on your own if you have to, speak another language, meet new friends and make an effort to get in touch with old ones. Eat all of the foods that you love, and try new ones until you find one that becomes a new firm favourite - as cheesy as it sounds; be selfish. Play the Sims until your eyes burn, sleep at 4am and wake up at 11; have a digital detox, get twelve hours sleep every night - whatever makes you happy, do it.

I strongly believe that we don't take enough time out to be selfish - don't allow ourselves the luxury of putting ourselves first. My illness makes me self absorbed in all of the wrong ways, but this month has allowed me to indulge myself in all of the right ways and I've found myself laughing, telling stories, getting up at a normal time, sleeping through the night - by giving myself some leeway and positivity, I've started to thrive.

So all in all - I just want to say Thanks, May; for being the month that changed everything, and the month that made me start to recover. I hope June brings just as much positivity.

Sammy xo.

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