Saturday, 21 May 2016

Morse Toad Review and Competition

My two favourite things in the world are probably chocolate and words. Okay, if we're being straight up honest they're actually probably bad Netflix TV Shows and pizza, but that's not a service that anyone is providing me right now and so we'll stick with chocolate and words. So, when Morse Toad offered me the chance to try out some of their personalised chocolates, I decided that there was no better way for my two favourite things in the world to be brought together and so I ordered some with the view of my mother and I'm sharing them, so I went for the appropriate "I Love You More Than Chocolate" variety; because my mum loves me more than chocolate.

Now first things first; I'm a dark chocolate kind of person and so the fact that you can only get boxes of chocolate that are milk is a little frustrating, however it's easy to get over because you can get a box of chocolate for just about everything on the Morse Toad site - from thinking about someone you love right through to somebody's birthday; and better still, you can add a personalised message card inside (for an extra pound you can even put a photograph on the card for the other person) and then send them straight on their way - not that I ever forget other people's birthdays, but if I did this would be a great last minute present.

As for the quality - for the price, it's seriously good. The "I Love You More Than Chocolate" box will set you back £12.45, and for that you'll get 33 individual pieces of chocolate (if I've worked that out right, which seems unlikely) - and I'd place this somewhere slap bang in the middle of easter egg chocolate and galaxy; it's not the best chocolate that I've ever had in my life, but I'm certainly not mad about it in any way, shape or form. It's smooth, silky and I definitely didn't have any problems finishing the whole box in a single sitting (I'm kidding, Ka totally got at least two.)

So all in all - I'm a huge fan of Morse Toad, and you could be too - I have £15 worth of Morse Toad vouchers to give away so you can order yourself a box, and see whether you agree with my verdict or not! If you're interested, it's a retweet to win situation; so, nip over to my twitter and follow me, Morse Toad and retweet the pinned tweet to win. Have fun, and if you win let me know your thoughts once you've finished scoffing them down!

What's your favourite last minute gift?

Sammy xo.

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