Sunday, 29 May 2016

My Bad Beauty Habits

Be honest, we all have our bad beauty habits; they might be forgetting to take your make up off at night, or always forgetting to use a primer - but whatever they are, we're all guilty in one way or another. I am guilty of an entire multitude of beauty sins, and so I thought that I'd share my top few bad beauty habits with you lot. This is a judgement free space guys, anything said in the blog post stays in the blog post...

1: I Always Put Off Washing My Brushes
I have so many make up brushes that I'd say I can put off washing them for a solid month without it being an issue. I only actually wash my brushes when I can't put eye shadow on anymore without it giving me yesterday's colour as an ugly streak over the top, or when I've finally dirtied my least favourite brushes and so I'm completely out of options. I love the day when my brushes are clean, but I know that hour's hard labour of standing washing my brushes and then laying them out to dry is going to be completely destroyed within a matter of minutes - and truly, that's heartbreaking.

2: I Neglect Morning Skincare. Like, A Lot.
Seriously though, like most days. I never neglect night skincare - I'm a serious stickler for making sure that my make up is off and my skin is hydrated, but in the morning if it's a toss up between sleeping longer and treating my skin? Come on, sleeping is always going to win. I go through weeks where I'm amazing at morning skincare - but many more weeks I do little to no morning skincare. It's something I'm sure I'll be pissed at myself about in like ten years, but right now I'm not too mad about it.

3: I Change Foundation. Daily.
You know that thing people say about if something works for you then you should stick with it? Well, if you have skin that breaks out randomly, then that is definitely true. I, however, tend to completely ignore the advice as to what's best for my skin, because I love foundation more than you'd ever understand. I swap my foundation on a day to day basis until my skin inevitably horrendously breaks out, at which point I pretend I have no idea how that happened, because I take SUCH GOOD CARE of my skin.

So there you go - there are my cardinal beauty sins, share yours with me, we'll start a group.

Sammy xo.

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