Thursday, 5 May 2016

Summer Essentials Wishlist

It's now only T-24 hours until I leave for my holidays and so it's got me thinking about what Summer essentials that I will definitely need (a bit late now I'm thinking about it.) Given that my next holiday falls slap bang in the middle of July, I definitely can't get away with not buying these essentials for that holiday and so - without further ado - here's my picks of essential products for when that elusive Summer holiday finally rolls around.

Vans Lolligagger Sunglasses (£15) are the absolute top of my list right now - these looks beautiful and exciting and more importantly, they offer total UV protection. I have an astigmatism which means I have to wear my contact lenses and that, in turn, means that my eyes tend to be more sensitive to light and so I can't really get away without sunglasses if it's any brighter than a winter morning. Extra added bonus that I absolutely love Vans as a brand - but all in all, they're just stylish and practical in (on) my eyes.

Next up is this Scuba Luggage Bag (£39) from Topshop which I'm surprisingly obsessed with. I know it seems a little boring but I spend a ridiculous amount of time travelling and so I need a bag big enough to store just about everything that I want on the plane and beyond, whilst being able to seperate it out so I'm not elbowing people in the face trying to dig out my notebook on the plane. This seems like the ideal solution and, although it's on the steep side, I'm trying my best to convince myself that this is an investment.

I love a good pair of pyjamas, and particularly I love this pair of Boux Avenue Festival Pyjama Set (£30). Our house in Spain is an eco house and is essentially a reformed cave and so although nice and cool in the day, it's bloody freezing at night and so I do need a long set of pyjamas. I just think that these are cute and kind of grown up without looking like I'm trying to create some sexy pyjama party scene - expensive, sure, but Boux Avenue normally pulls through with the quality.

Next up is a seriously expensive investment, but it's definitely worth every penny - my eyes are set on a new pair of Docs and my choice is the Pale Pink 3 Eye Flats (£95). I love my boots but they're just too heavy duty to get away with on Summer holidays and so I've been desperate for a pair of Dr Marten shoes. I love these pale pink offerings and I think they'll look adorable with summer dresses without being too flimsy to be able to deal with steep, treacherous Spanish terrain. An investment, but you just know if I buy these I'll still be wearing them ten years down the line.

Finally there's this Apricot Cream Longline Cardigan (£20). I know it's going to be super hot but I really like to have as much of my body covered as humanly possible and so I like thin, casual coverups like this that won't make me too hot but do a good job at covering a lot of me up. This is pretty cheap and it just adds a little more casual to my wardrobe when I've normally had to rely on more formal cover ups.

What are your Summer essentials? What have I forgotten?

Sammy xo.

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