Thursday, 12 May 2016

The Bad Pale Foundations

So we've gone through the great foundations and we've even gone through the good ones, but right now it's all about the bad ones. These might work for you, I'm not pissing on your favourite foundations, but these are the ones that had fundamental issues for me. Same as always I have normal skin, I'm a NARS Siberia and what works for me might not work for you or the other way around. In any case, here's the foundations that really, really didn't work for me (in no particular order) - there's a whole lot less than there is in the great and good, you'll be pleased to know.

To be honest - I really rate Jane Iredale and so I was really hoping that this was going to work well for me, especially as I'd really like the Garnier BB Cream when I tried that. It turns out though, that I absolutely hate this - I've tried to get around it, but I just can't. It's a natural colour and quite often other people say how good it looks however it's medium coverage at the very best - it doesn't break down but it's incredibly shiny and it just ends up oily and gross. I'm not a big fan of powdering all of my foundation, but with this it's sticky and wet unless you do powder it all. This, in essence, just doesn't work for me at all - and for the price, I'd want it to be perfect.

Wow, it seems that the high end foundations are the ones that are really letting the side down here, doesn't it? Now, this smells like something really distinctive, almost flowery and I hate that to begin with, not to mention the fact that it almost feels gritty in texture, however my main issue is how this manages to be both too sheer and too dark and orange in the same breath. Out of all of the foundations I tried, this is probably the one I get on with the least - it just really, really doesn't work for me. Like at all.

The only drugstore foundation of the lot, and it's a weird one because we all know that of all the drugstore foundations, Max Factor usually rates really highly for me, but this one really, really breaks that rule. This just always looks a little bit fake on me - not quite cakey or even particularly too dark as such, it just never manages to look quite right. The formula and colour and fine, they're not excessively terrible when swatched, except on my actual face they quickly become excessively terrible.

So there you go, there's all of the foundations worth talking about - let me know your favourites and least favourites so I can try them out!

Sammy xo.
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