Wednesday, 4 May 2016

The Okay Pale Foundations

I jumped right in last week with The Best Pale Foundations - but I also promises some awful ones, and some middle ground; so, welcome to the middle ground. This is basically a compilation of foundations that just didn't work for me; they're not terrible by any means, but they're a set that I personally would say approach with caution. As ever, I'm a NARS Siberia (and so pretty damn pale) and I have normal skin - these are just quick reviews of the foundations for me that worked by weren't great, in no particular order.

Kiko 3D Lifting Foundation (Shade Peach Rose) - £14.50
Okay - first things first this is insanely orange when it comes out of the pump (hey, kudos for having a pump though, and a lid, I love that); it does blend down to an okay colour but it's still quite dark on me and it definitely errs on the side of orange. It's a medium coverage and it is pretty buildable, with a very glowy satin finish. This one is good for the price, and definitely better than most of the high street offerings, but it's definitely only okay for me personally.

This one is very, very pale - probably one of the palest out of all of them and, although not as sheer as the By Terry Light Expert I mentioned in the Best Pale Foundations, it's definitely only light/medium at the very most. You only need a tiny bit and it creates a good, natural colour - however, the lasting power is pretty rubbish on this one and if it came down to this or Light Expert, I'd pick the latter every time. Like I said - most of these are good, but this one just definitely didn't work for me.

I'm pretty sure that this is the most expensive foundation on the three lists and so it's actually a little disappointing that this only falls into the "okay" category. I have to say that I really like this one when my skin is good - but unless my skin is flawless, this looks terrible as it seems to have a lot of colour but barely any coverage, if that's even a thing. It's pretty dark in the jar, although I believe that there are actually colours lighter than this, which is a bonus, but I have to say that this does blend down to a pretty natural colour, although it does stay on the dark side. I'd say this is one to buy more for the skincare aspect than the foundation one.

Max Factor are definitely running the monopoly when it comes to light foundations and the drugstore, but this isn't nearly as good as their Lasting Performance, in my humble opinion. This has a light coverage but is really buildable and, although it is dark, it's definitely still light enough to feel comfortable wearing it. It's not the best foundation that I've ever used, but nor is it orange and so that makes it a pretty good drugstore choice in my opinion.

This actually used to be one of my ultimate favourite foundations - but compared to a lot of others that have come up since making this list, it's just slipped down and down until it's not in my top few anymore. This smells like lavender which a) I hate and b) is an irritant, so that's it's first mark down - however I have to say that it lasts well and looks great on and it's exactly the person match for my neck and chest. This one seems to run out about three times faster than any other foundation that I own and for the price, I just can't justify continuously repurchasing this one.

This has pretty good coverage, which is good as that's what it's billed as - and is medium/heavy and definitely buildable and a little really does go a long way. It's pretty dark, and although you can blend it down it still ends up looking like I've got a tan which usually isn't the look that I'm going for. A good formula foundation but unfortunately, it just doesn't come pale enough - which is a shame, for the price. If you can get your colour though - definitely one to add to the collection.

To be honest, we all remember the Dream Matte Mousse days with a certain amount of horror and so I'm genuinely surprised that this one has come this high on my list. Like an issue that we often see with drugstore foundations - Maybelline just doesn't run light enough to be practical - but the formula of this is one to be reckoned with. A spongey, moussey sort of texture that gives a heavy coverage without looking like a mask? If they ever introduce later shades, I'll definitely be going back in for this one.

So there's all the ones that might work for you depending on your skin type and colour - let me know what you've been trying lately!

Sammy xo.
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