Tuesday, 17 May 2016

This Secret We're Keeping Book Review

I not-so-secretly love a good romance book; but given that I've spent my teenage years counting this to be the fluff and smut offered by online fanfiction; written, physical books have a whole lot to stand up to when it comes to keeping me interested; however, I picked This Secret We're Keeping by Rebecca Done. This was a typical student/teacher affair type of romance book and I had pretty high hopes - what with the forbidden love and all - but I'm not sure that this one really lived up to the hype (that I had created for it, there's not a general hype as far as I know; and there's a reason for that.)

The book follows Jessica Hart - a student who was having an affair eighteen years ago who has come to accept that although she loves him, it wasn't mean to be. Or so she thinks, until Matthew Landley literally crashes back into her life and, despite the long-term relationship and a child with another woman, it seems as though he might feel the same. But, as the secrets of the relationship they have start to unravel and the clever alternative life Matthew has created himself starts to crumble in front of both of their eyes; just how will it affect the life that stands in front of them? And will Jessica and Matthew make the right decision, or the one that their hearts are telling them to make?

The story, in theory, is a good one - it's a strong plot with just the right amount of mystery - but in practise it just really didn't do it for me. It's not that it was a hard one, or a boring one, it just didn't make me want to read to the end without putting it down, and it didn't really have me second guessing the ending. The clues were anything but subtle, and although it was fine to read it just didn't have me wanting to learn the answers because I felt like I already knew them.

All in all - I'm not mad that I bought this as it cost me approximately £3.50 in Asda, but it's not something that I'd recommend you to run out and buy unless you're looking for a simple, torrid love affair. An okay book, but not one that's going to inspire you to write your own novel, by any means.

Sammy xo.

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