Sunday, 15 May 2016

Using My Bullet Journal Day To Day

I've been setting up my bullet journal in order to get it perfect for me for what seems like honestly months - but now I've gotten it down, it's actually replaced my real diary for the sheer basic fact that I'm too lazy to carry around two books with me everywhere. So, I thought that I'd do a post on just how it's been using only my bullet journal day to day as, we all know how good they are for planning, but it's taken a solid amount of work to get mine suitable for any sort of future planning.

I've started pre-writing in all of my days of the week. This wasn't something I did before as I didn't know how much space I would need; but, after finding out the most that I ever used was half a page, I gave each day that amount of space and drew in my whole month. This allowed me to start planning at least a few weeks ahead - anything that needs to go any further ahead goes in capital letters in red pen which allows me to remember to write it in it's appropriate day when it gets closer to the time, all I need to do is flick through and look for the angry red messages to myself.

On top of this - I've stopped using so many pointless spreads month to month - although they look pretty - I was forgetting to fill them in and so they were becoming essentially useless; I even got rid of my monthly view page, now all I have are my "waiting on" lists, my habit tracker and my individual day posts. This less cluttered way of writing in my journal means it's easier to find what I'm looking for and I'm not having to flick past spreads that I've used once and then promptly abandoned, which was happening a lot. Any extra spreads that I might need go to the back of the book and work towards the front in order to keep my index as need as possible. Sounds a bit controlling, but it's definitely a method that works for me.

I've also found that colour coding works particularly well - as I'm logging everything in my journal is can get pretty full pretty fast and so the colours allow me to check what kind of things I have on in the day at a glance. I have a colour for each seperate side job I do, blogging has a colour and then anything that it personal or a reminder is a different colour again. You'd be surprised at how well a basic colour coding system seems to work when you get in the swing of things - although it does mean that I pretty much carry five coloured pens with me wherever I go. Swings and roundabouts though, isn't it?

All in all - I've found that using my bullet journal to plan ahead has taken a little bit of work on my behalf, but having my to do lists alongside my plans for the day just seems easier to me than checking two seperate books every single day. Do you plan ahead in your bullet journal, give me your tips for how you manage to keep everything in check!

Sammy xo.

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