Monday, 9 May 2016

What Does The Future Hold?

Ah, the age old question - the one that we dread in our twenties which is exactly the time that people seem to think that it's suitable to ask it at every possible opportunity; what are you doing with your life? I don't know pal, we didn't have any bread this morning and I struggled to make a meal that didn't have carbohydrates as it's main food group - my life went to pieces when the Hovis ran out and you want me to make a life long plan? Tsh, good luck with that, I'll avoid it for now, cheers. I've been avoiding it for a solid 4 years of my adult life though, and I feel like maybe I can't avoid it any more and so instead of shying away from other people asking me the question, I'm asking myself; come on, Sam, what does the future hold.

The future, it seems, holds health. My therapy is on track to finish earlier than ever, I've been on track for over a month and my recovery is holding strong; this is perhaps the most surprising thing about my future. That I might be well and able to move forward with a clear head. It's the thing that I'm probably most excited about - especially as it means that I've got the confidence to meet blog friends, and to go out and get old school wasted on vodka in too hot pubs with friends I haven't seen in years. The hangover isn't dead, viva la hangover.

The future also, it turns out, does actually include university which is something 18 year old me would consider such a disappointment. However, it turns out I'm actually pretty good at making friends and so I'm going to spend 3 years bettering myself, getting into insane amounts of debt and meeting new people; and I'm going to enjoy every minute (remind me of this when I'm complaining about finishing essays up at 3am, because that's exactly the kind of person that I am). So maybe the future will bring me some sort of graduate job, who knows.

The future holds me, growing up and moving forward and being selfish and doing things for me with no regrets. It includes night spent walking around old stomping grounds and picking roads to walk down at random, and it includes running until my lungs feel like they're going to burst like I used to. It includes travelling, and reading books that I'll remember quotes from for years to come, and it involves about 5000 new families on The Sims.

The future is bright, and it holds so much - and I can't wait. Any time anybody asks, I'll redirect them to this post. Or just answer the question by crying like I have been doing up until this point. That was a joke. Sort of.

Sammy xo.

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