Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Aurelia Skincare

This month I've had the pleasure of trying out Aurelia Skincare - and although they're sample sizes and so I haven't tested these out for as long as I normally would test skincare; I feel as though I've tried them out long enough to put forward an opinion. I've been able to try out a fair bit of their range and so I've been incorporating it into my skincare routine to see how it works for me. Pretty packaging aside (but oh my god, it's so cute I can't even begin to explain) - this stuff really is pretty good. So, without further ado, let's talk a little about it.

Let's start with my favourite out of the products - the Miracle Cleanser. Now a full size of this is £38.00 and I do think that's pretty steep - this is good, by all means, it smells fresh (perhaps like eucalyptus? I can't quite place the strongest scent here), it takes off my make up easily (even eye make up) and it seems to last a serious amount of time. Having said that - I just don't think anything that's going to be washed down the sink within seconds is worth nearly £40. This is very reminiscent of the Camomile Butter from The Body Shop - if you have the money by all means go for the Aurelia, but otherwise stick with The Body Shop, because as good as this is, I just can't justify £40 on something that's going down the plughole with today's make up (it does come with a cute, and very soft, bamboo cloth though). They also have an exfoliator with the same scent, which I really enjoy, and that's their Refine and Polish Miracle Balm. This is a whopping £57.00 but I'd much rather shell the money out on this than the cleanser - this is a two in one scrub and/or enzyme mask and it really is good. It's gritty without feeling too much, and it leaves my skin fresh and soft. If you're looking to shell out on expensive skincare, I really would say put your money towards the Miracle Balm as opposed the the Cleanser.

Next up was a skincare offering that I tend to hate, and that was a facial oil - but I'm going to make an unprecedented U-turn and say that, actually, I really don't hate the Cell Repair Night Oil. This isn't greasy like all of the other oils that I've tried and hated in the past, this is actually a fairly dry oil and it settles down quickly without leaving any kind of residue on the skin. I've found that whether I mix this in with moisturiser or wear it under moisturiser or even wear it alone - it works really well. If I was a facial oil kind of person, given how long the sample bottle lasted - I'd almost definitely be happy to shell out the £55 to buy a full sized bottle of this (it does smell quite perfumed, almost like Jasmine flowers - so that's something to bear in mind). Next up is the Revitalise and Glow Serum - and this is the one product that just really didn't work for me. I think this is great - it sinks in quickly and settles well to form a base for moisturiser; but it just didn't do anything for my skin, either negatively or positively. Maybe if you had really dry skin this would work - but for me personally, I just wouldn't be able to justify the £57 that it would cost.

Finally - I tried out their Repair and Brighten Hand Cream; which I have to say that I really did like. I'm a sucker for a good hand cream, and this comes in a beautiful tube, it's strong enough to throw in my bag without worrying the tube might spit, and it settles in without being greasy or tacky. Now the full size of this is £28, and I just can't justify that for myself although I do have to say that I would consider buying this for my mum who is a nurse and really does need a good hand cream. 

All in all - I really liked Aurelia; and as soon as I have enough money to dive in further, I just might do that.

Sammy xo.
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