Sunday, 26 June 2016

Brains and Beauty

Twitter rants seem to be my thing lately - don't they? If you saw my twitter yesterday (cheeky plug) you will have seen that I was annoyed by someone who had suggested that you should marry a girl who has read more books than they have watched YouTube make-up tutorials. Now on a practical level, that's just ridiculous - I can watch a solid twenty four videos in the space I can read an average length book; but more than that, I found myself aggravated. I am a huge lover of make up, I'm quite openly a girl that won't even go down to the supermarket without perfectly matching eyebrows - but that doesn't mean that I'm not worth your time, that I'm any less intelligent; and this attitude is small minded and derogatory.

When I entered my secondary school I was tested and found to be within the top 3% of students in my year group in the country. I was bright and I worked hard - I read a lot, and I was uncomfortable; I struggled with my anxiety through school and it wasn't picked up on, so it wasn't treated. With that in mind - I turned to make up; the perfect war paint that gave me the confidence that I needed to continue going in to get the education that I needed. It was a small step forward, but it kept me in school for long enough to get three A Levels in three really good, essay based subjects (Government and Politics, History, and English Literature). I liked make up enough that when I was 20 I started a blog talking about it - and, it seems, by default I've therefore foregone all intelligence that I had before in favour of liquid lipsticks.

I'm joking, of course - but neither of these things are exclusive. I read a hell of a lot of books, and I own a hell of a lot of make up; I learned about migration during WW2 from When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, and I learned how to get a killer eyeliner wing from YouTube tutorials - these two parts of my personality have no correlation whatsoever; one doesn't negate the other. Some of the smartest women that I've ever met, I've met through beauty blogging. Some of the women in my life are killing it both with their flawless make up application and their knowledge and intelligence - so when you make these women around me seem as though they're fickle, silly and somehow unworthy? That makes me angry.

I don't have to pick between being intelligent and liking make up - the foundation that I choose to wear doesn't somehow create a forcefield that stops my brain being able to work; it simply boosts the features that I have (shock horror, I can even still read a book with my make up on!) I am fierce because of my eyeliner and lipstick, and I'm even more fierce because I know more than most people about how politics works across the world, and about Irish and Italian unification, and about tsardom in Russia. I am a girl that loves make up, and I'm a girl that reads a lot - more than anything though, I'm a girl that knows that she's better than someone who thinks it's okay to judge people based on their book to YouTube ratio. Beauty and Brains aren't exclusive, so let's celebrate our ability to do beauty based things, and let's celebrate our intelligence - because god knows we have both.

Sammy xo.

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