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May Degustabox

One of my favourite days of the month is the day when my Degustabox arrives. We all know that I'm an absolute sucker for food, and when it's a mystery box of food, you better know that that only adds to the whole experience. This month was one of my favourite Degustabox to date, and that's honestly based solely on one absolute genius product - however, without further ado - let's talk about the amazing food that I got delivered to my door this month.

I had to start with the aforementioned amazing product that so easily swayed my opinion and that was the Pechkek's Misfortune Cookies. Now I'll admit that I absolutely love fortune cookies anyway, but these are something else - jet black cookies with sinister notes inside such as "you have a face only a mother could love" (thanks guys) and you truly won me over. Laughter is the way to a girl's heart and all that - seems that it's pretty true! Seriously though, these made me howl with laughter, and they were pretty tasty too (also they'll only set you back €1.50 and I think they'd make a fabulous present.)

To be honest, most of the information that I've come across for this Garofalo Fusilli Bucati Corti pasta has come from a particularly badly translated page (thanks Google translate) and so I honestly can't tell you much about it from that aspect. What I can tell you, however, is that this is amazing pasta - dense without being massively heavy but just better than standard fusilli that we get over here. It does have a slight undertaste that I can't place, sort of like when you have wheat free pasta, but it's definitely tasty and I'd buy it again if I ever saw it around.

I was actually really excited to see Jack Daniel's Honey Barbecue Glaze when I dug it out of the box, but given that it took so long to actually get a little bit of sun around here - I haven't actually gotten around to using it yet. I have to say I have high hopes though, my favourite things are honey jack daniels and pasta with barbecue sauce, so the two of them mixed together do some sort of unholy thing for me. I'll try and then update when I finally get the sun long enough to put it to it's best use.

Next up is the Get Fruity Juicy Apricot, Orange and Ginger Bar - now I am so not about oranges, and so this wasn't for me; but as it contained only good things, I passed it on to my health obsessed brother and asked him to come back to me with a verdict. The verdict was that it's good, it has an unusual texture but a nice kick (presumably the ginger?) that adds a little something different to it. I can't account for it personally, but it has at least one of my family member's thumbs up.

One that's been begging for a sunny day that just hasn't come round yet is the Cranes Cranberry Cider (one original cranberry, one strawberry and kiwi.) Like I said, these are still chilling in the fridge waiting for the illusive thing that we call Summer - however I have to say that they're intriguing. 1.1 alcohol units per bottle and less than 100 calories - it seems that they could quickly become a favourite Summer tipple - expect to see me downing them on my instagram in the glare of the sun.

I am a huge fan of Kallo and so it was good to see my old favourite Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes in there (seriously, they're like adult cornflake cakes, they rock, go and try them), and I was also excited to see the Yoghurt Topped Rice Cakes because I haven't actually tried them yet. I'm a bit wary about that hardened yoghurt topping that breakfast foods are so keen on - however, I'm a big fan of rice cakes and I trust Kallo so we'll just have to see how that one goes.

Pomegreat is something I wasn't going anywhere near I'm afraid - Pomegranate just really isn't my thing - but I popped this in the fridge and it was promptly finished by my brother and my dad so we can assume it's good on that front. My dad has been mixing it in with sparkling water and, although not enough to tempt me, that does look like it'd make a good outside-in-the-garden-in-the-sun sort of drink if you weren't drinking.

Beloved is a brand that I've had in Degustabox before, and so you might know that there is nothing in the world that I dislike more than dates. However, Date Nectar is actually really helpful for me as I bake a lot, and for a paleo brother that isn't always an easy task, so I'll be chucking this in when I make banana bread later this week and we'll see how that goes (if it's good, I'll post a picture on instagram, if it goes badly let's just make a pact that we'll never talk about it again from here on in.)

Now it's time to fess up - I used to live on a diet of Mrs Crimble's gluten free coconut macaroons - they're probably one of the best foods to grace this world, and so when I saw that Mrs Crimble's had their Classic Madeleines in the box this month it was one of the first thing that I ripped open. These are amazing, soft and yet dense in all the right ways and sweet without being overpowering - and they were easily the product out of the whole box that got snapped up and finished the quickest. They were amazing, and bonus - they're gluten free. I'm gutted they're all gone, to be honest, because writing about them I could totally go in for another one.

Getting close to the end, now! Another product that is long gone is Brioche Pasquier and their Croissants au Beurre. For a few days I feel like I probably only ate these - for breakfast, as a snack and with sandwich fillings on for lunch. They were truly amazing and really versatile - and I did enjoy them - but I have to say that in the long run, I feel like croissants are just croissants. Sorry, is that a faux paus? I'm sure one of you will tell me! Last in this month's box were Wonderful nuts (ooer, Matron) - and I plan to bake with these next week so keep an eye on my instagram and I'm sure you'll see more (I love the branding on these, though.)

So there's May's Degustabox - let me know if you've tried any of these and what you thought. If you're interested in getting a box for yourself use the code BLDEG15 (not sponsored, they don't pay me, you just get a good deal) for a huge £6 off.

Sammy xo.
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