Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My Favourite Spring/Summer Nail Varnishes

I am the worst nail biter known to man. Seriously though, I have always bitten my nails and so I hardly ever paint them - only every Summer I get an attack of conscious and decide that I simply must grow them out and keep them painted at all times so people think I'm adorable and well put together (to be honest, I'm neither of those things) and so; that's where my favourite Summer nail varnishes come in. Some are new additions, some are old favourites and - to be fair - some are actually destined to be Winter shades, but let's get into it, in any case.

L-R Kiss Me Quick, Blizzard, The Way You Make Me Teal, MILF and Full Throttle

Up first is the pretty peach orange shade from Barry M strangely named "Full Throttle" (£3.99). This is one of those colours that looks amazing at the beginning of Summer, before you've got a tan (or a false tan in my case) this stands out and looks like every kind of Summer sunset. Too floral a description? Seriously though, as horrific as this colour looks in the bottle, it's a gorgeous colour on the nails and definitely one of my go-tos. Plus, I'm lazy AF and so Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paints are easily amongst my favourites.

Next up is one of my classic favourites - Illamasqua MILF (£14.50). This is a classic, and one of my all time favourites - and I promise it's not just because I think that the name is amazing. This is a soft, pastel green colour that seems to suit just about every skin tone that I've ever seen it on. You'll need a good top coat for this one because Illamasqua literally always chip after about a day on me, but if you're looking for nails that will disappear into the Summer grass, this is your colour.

Next up is a new addition to the collection - another Speedy Quick Dry from Barry M in the shade Kiss Me Quick (£3.99). I don't normally opt in for pink shades, but this one is just so pretty and so surprisingly opaque after just two coats that this one could definitely make me a believer in pink nail varnish - I mean like, maybe no hot pink, but I definitely won't be turning down this pastel offering this Summer, so it seems as though it's a step in the right direction.

Another new favourite by Barry M, although this time in their Sunset Daylight Curing range, is the shade The Way You Make Me Teal (£4.99). Now although this colour is gorgeous and bright, the colour actually isn't the selling point for this nail varnish; it's by far the formula. The Daylight Curing nail varnishes have a (as you'd expect) topcoat that's cured in a matter of minutes by natural light and leaves you with strong, gel-like nails. They won't last a whole fornight's holiday, but they're definitely a good way of making sure that you're not painting your nails every single day during the Summer.

Last but by no means least is an offering from Ciate that you don't even actually seem to be able to buy from them at this time of year (I know, I know - I'm the worst kind of person, I'm sorry) and that is the appropriately named "Blizzard". This isn't a solid, opaque nail varnish, but it's a beautiful dusting of glitter that makes a good accent nail, and it really brightens up a darker nail to make it look a little more summery. More an all year favourite because I love this for Christmas too, but still definitely one of my top picks.

What are your favourite colours for Summer? Send me some recommendations!

Sammy xo.

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